Thoughts (2013)

By Damien Knight

Sometimes sit alone and think
Tell myself I just don’t care anymore
Nobody matters, just me and my kids
That’s just how it be ya know
I sink into this hole, lonely and empty
I love everyone I have around me
All this I grown close but sometimes…
Feel like if everyone vanished…
I’d be alright, just me and kids
Seems harsh I guess but that’s how it is

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One comment on “Thoughts (2013)

  1. We have felt like this before. A love so deep that it can transform into a loathing so severe that we could wish the end of existence for all and we would be content. We thought it was love, however, we realized that it was misguided, it was love based on approval and acceptance of and by others. When we started to truly love, ourselves and the people that in this world as if the were us was when we truly became ful of thought.


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