By Damien Knight

Is it my Manda dear?
She hated the name Raven.
Still I want her here!
To believe this is true.
But she knew of my words
These writings all along
Or did she forget
The poor crows song?
By miles, distance and time
She is so far from me!
She knows me best
Oh are you she, please?
Surely, this isn’t reality.
That the one I never met
The one who barely speaks
Is this your way of reaching
keep my love from growing weak?
How can I do as you desire
When I feel so unsure?
And submission isn’t my fire
You’d know this if it were.
I give when she is good
When she gives to me.
I cannot give at all
If there is such uncertainty!

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0 comments on “Manda?

  1. I’m concerned… not Mars, not Manda? I’m lost… Especially with Misty long passed and the few I’d loved ever knew I loved them. Oh dear gods if it’s true you’re someone I know…


  2. I haven’t had many loves to be honest. Most did not know I loved them. Sailor Mars was an ex long ago 5 years… and Manda my attempt to let go of Mars, but who are you? You refuse to tell.


  3. If you went as far down my writings as you claim… I can’t help believe you might actually know me. It doesn’t make sense… I’ve searched my own name to see who else might come up. While I indeed have 2 Facebook’s I deleted one. If… someone loved me as much as this I’d … no it has to be some cruel joke…


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