A Troubled Romance : An Aldaria Journal

By Damien Knight

Anika woke in the morning to make a pot of coffee. She slammed the pot into the coffee maker. Her brow furrowed, things between her and Koraki had become strained. She sighed. She loved Koraki but she couldn’t take the pressure anymore. She turned on the radio and a Lady Gaga song just cut off and the radio announcer spoke. He gave the daily traffic report. His voice drowned out her own thoughts.

Anika was still upset over Koraki expecting her help after ignoring her all week. Sure he was surrounded by Church of Gori soldiers, but you don’t ignore your girlfriend and then expect help. She swished her hand and a broom swept the cottage.

Koraki crept down the stairs and into the kitchen. He took in a deep breath and stretched his arms out. The smell of fresh coffee wafted in the room.

“Mm,” He said, “coffee smells delicious. Been a while since you made me coffee.”

Koraki sat down with a smirk and Anika turned on him. Her glare pierced through him. This was her breaking point. He was so arrogant, so presumptuous and just as she was near snapped she heard the song come on.

One of her favourite songs, “King of Anything.” Anika knew the words to this one well. She sang it often when he wasn’t there. She slammed the cup of coffee in front of him and threw her arms up. Her voice rang harmoniously with Sara Bareilles. As the song wound down she leaned into his face and whispered the last words.

“Who died and made you king of anything? Let me hold your crown, babe.”

Anika slammed her fist on the table, her lips in scowl as her eyes met Koraki’s. The fights they have had ,lately, she was done. Her voice was firm.

“I had time to think about why I keep causing you so much ‘pain'” She snarked, “I am expected to enjoy being everything you wanted. I am tired of it, of not being my own person. I want to make my own decisions. Listen boy you enjoy drinking the fuckin’ coffee I made for myself and enjoy riding your little high pony of how you are always in charge.”

Koraki sighed, lowered his head, then he pierced Anika with sharp blue eyes filled with sorrow. His hands clenched the table and sighed. He pushed out from the table and stood up. He traced a finger gently over the choker around her neck

“All right Anika, my beloved, “ He breathed, “You asked me, no begged me, to give you this. Just as you have repeatedly begged me to marry you. It seems though that you do not understand what you really want so… ”

Koraki swallowed and turned away. He drew in a deep breath his whole body shuddered. He turned back to her and place key into the lock of her choker. It unlocked and fell to the floor.

“I am sorry but it once more feels like I am living with a stranger. It’s like I don’t know you anymore. Anika, I release you, our current dynamic won’t work. Perhaps we ought to focus on a different aspect of our relationship so we can mend it. ”

Anika’s eyes widened and tears streamed down her face as her choker hit the floor. She regretted everything she said. It was all over now, she had lost him. Removing the symbol of her service to him was the worst sort of punishment.

“I… I am sorry don’t do this. I don’t want you to leave me, Koraki,” She sobbed.

“Oh babe, I told you yesterday I loved you and wouldn’t leave and I am saying it again today. We cannot do this dynamic, it isn’t your fault. It is mine I neglected you on a basic level and I shall remedy that. I shall do my best to be a good boyfriend, a good lover and tend more to your emotional needs.”

“Yeah right! A good man like that doesn’t exist. All men think of is sex.” She scolded.

“I have heard you accuse me of that before. At that time it was inappropriate to argue it. Since I’m not being attacked by an army I can honestly say you’re right. Lately that’s all our relationship does seem to be but I want to ask you something.”

Koraki placed the choker in a drawer and sat back at the table. He pushed the cup of coffee away from him. He sneered a little. This stupid cup of coffee how was it she could read his mind and yet still misunderstood things as simple as a compliment on her coffee. Anika could hear these thoughts and bowed her head.

“What?” She mumbled.

“How often is it that you initiate? Think hard am I the only one guilty? Is it wise to point fingers?”

Anika sighed. Koraki was right she played a big part in this too. Every time she saw him she wanted him, needed him. How could she get mad about that? Still was he blaming her now? She was hurt and felt so manipulated.

Koraki continued, “Every time we are together you either talk about business or intimacy. I am sure I bear responsibility for this. I will give your space to think, and that’s all I am done Anika, we will not discuss further. From this point on I wish to try having a normal relationship with you.”

He left the room and turned on his Wii and played Mario cart. Anika sighed. What a way to begin her day. She slumped upstairs to cry.

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