Town Name Prompt

By Damien Knight

My town’s name is Russellville. If I had to rename the city I’d just respell it Rustleville. We are a small town that occasionally “rustles and bustles.”

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Lost Work

By Damien Knight

Every line, every verse I wrote today
Lost, an entire page of poems written
But like a fickle woman it did not stay
I wrote of love, and of pain ALAS!
What kind of curse is this that it’s gone
An hour of writing, like lost song
I will mourn my paper of poems
And hold myself high and remain headstrong

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Diary Entry Writing Prompt 10 Years Later

Oct 7 2028

Dear Journal,

I’ve reached 42 and it’s October I love October. I admit I did not know if I’d make it this far. Finally got top surgery and my B.S. in Geology. Masters degree was hard earned too.

I will be working on my doctrates soon. I took a break because I was in school my kids entire lives. My son is turning 23 soon. My daughter is 19. I can start my studies along side them, I am still young after all.

– Damien Knight

Season Haikus

By Cera Knapp


Leaves turning colors
Dropping with each gust of wind
Fall days come quickly


It is very cold
Snow flakes falling on the ground
Rolling in the snow


Flowers blooming bright
Many bees come for pollen
Sun is shining down


The sun is so hot
The sun is shining so bright
Hot, bright, hot, bright, hot

My Favourite Ways to Spend a Lazy Day

By Damien Knight

I like to spend lazy days playing video games, sleep and write. I use to play League of Angels all the time, Skyrim is still my favourite. Play MMO’s and RPG’s, they are a great way to escape reality for a few hours. You just go fight dragons, save Tamriel it’s great. Video games and story writing are methods of escape where I can be a hero, a villain or both. That’s how I spend a lazy day.

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Write For You

By Damien Knight

I can’t help how I feel
I have tried not to think
Words such my heart steal
And I do not sleep a wink

Plead I not address you
I wrote true my soul
Yet, mystery give me clue
Aniya, make me whole

I waited all my life
For her to find me
you, my hearts strife
Allow my soul to see

Forgive me if it hurts
I do not mean you pain
These kind thoughtful words
Not to drive you insane

I wrote simply my heart
And I’d write again
Even if it tore me apart
Just to hear you again

Good Night

By Damien Knight

I ache physically and mental
The agony of silence torments me.
I need touch ever gentle
My eyes droop so sleepy.
All I think of is you.
Princess, my pages are blank
Even my rhymes have no clue.
How can I be frank,
100 degrees, losing inspiration.
Can’t write my poems or book
Good night for now my passion.
Meanwhile stay love and look,
At all I have done before.
Find comfort at my writing’s door.

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