Video Games: Everyone Got Lazy

Video Games: Everyone Got Lazy A five year olds take on video games.

Transcribed By:  Damien Knight in 2011

Jayson five years old. In his toyroom, it’s a mess with toys, his schoolwork is spread on his desk. He wears a messy long sleeve red shirt and washed out denim jeans. He smiles real bright.

(he stands on the kitchen chair in front of his table and begins to talk)

It it’s uh well about star wars. Like there is bad guys by the one thing. I dunno, all I can say…

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The History of Father’s Day

The History of Father’s Day: An essay on Father’s Day origins.

By: Damien Knight

The barbeque is lit and hotdogs are on the grill, kids are playing and Dad is wearing his grilling apron. It’s that time of year again, Father’s Day.  You watch your dad crack a cold one and laugh about the gaudy tie your mom bought for the occasion. Then it comes to mind, how did Father’s Day get it’s start?

While Mother’s day was established in 1908, it took another 6o years…

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Video Games: Graphics 

Video Games: Graphics An article comparing Graphics of older games to the games today.

Transcribed By Damien in 2011

Aaron, 34 Wearing a black hoodie and jeans. Living room has flat screen TV, coffee table covered in clothes is next to a red couch. He sits on the couch with an article of clothing in his hand. He folds it pushes it aside and begins talking.

What do video games mean to me? Well I don’t know.  What do I think of gaming culture? Evolved. from like Pong to like more…

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Journal Seven: Cursed So Done!

Written in 2006 By Damien Knight

My narrative is cursed! I lost the disk file 5 times and the USB file once. I love to write but writing the same paper 50 times is too much! That is all I can say!

Thoughts on this journal.

Seriously I remember this. USBS had just came out. This incident was the final straw and why I dropped English 100. I was tired of the teacher talking about how she hated to write. I was pissed she added a question on the test involving a football teams score in the game the night before. But after explaining that my floppy disk got a virus she still wouldn’t accept my narrative because it was late. I walked out of class and dropped it. I took the course at a community college later and passed. A TA should never teach a course like that.

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Journal 1: Thoughts on The Gap Year First Learning and Then College


Written in 2006 By Damien Knight

I remember my senior year. It was good but a tough year. The thought of college after was daunting. Unlike the girl in this essay I could not wait a year.

I am so glad I didn’t wait. I may not return next year because I am getting married. Then again, I might just come back. If it wasn’t for Western Kentucky University, I wouldn’t have had Aaron for my own.
Current thoughts on this old journal piece.

Do you ever like dig through your old things and find you owned one of those ridiculous pink locked journals? This might relate only to my female readers but, reading this made me feel like I stumbled on a teenage girl’s diary. To think I turned that in as a college writing assignment. OMG!

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My Quiet Place

My Quiet Place, A winter memoire.

By: Damien Knight

I looked up the steep, snow-covered hill, and then looked over to my father. He looked tired and drained. I was glad to have him with me. My father was in the Army and he had recently returned from the field and soon would leave our home in Germany for Bosnia. I wanted to show him my favorite place to think before he left.

“It’s just up Suicide Hill, Dad, in the woods that line…

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Win or Die

A poem I wrote in 8th Grade on Life.

Written by,

Damien Knight

Look at me.
Look what I’ve done.
I have lost.
I never won.

What shall I do?
What shall I try?
Shall I win?
Shall I die?

Only the heavens know
The truth of who I am and why.
And I shall win
And never die.

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