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Hello, I am Damien, the head blogger of our family blog The Shade of Writing. We are a home-school family of writers that love to travel. We write on various topics such as education, philosophy, poetry and history. We also have a Twitter, an Instagram and a YouTube.

I write poetry and share drafts of my novel when I am not in classes at the local university. My kids post their writing assignments from their books and papers on topics that interest them. My spouse travels for his job and most of our travel and food reviews are from him. We all are open to questions so ask away.

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The Pen

By Damien Knight
There is a ghost in my pen 

And he doesn’t like to write

So he makes me forget

What to place on the paper

He makes me forget 

The simplest of stories 

This ghost in my pen 

Breaks my thoughts into air

I work hard to think 

And I have no ideas

Left thanks to my pen

I will soon exorcise the ghost 

The Question?

By Damien Knight 
Greetings reader,

I wonder what it is you’d enjoy

What words on the paper

Might I employ

That would lure you on

Yes dear reader I wonder

Is it poem, essay or story

Long tales or short jaunt

Or a simple recipe for curry

Maybe you would read

A long philosophical apology

Or childrens writings on dogs

A post perhaps on geology?

Alas what to write i don’t know

I am at an impass

And so what to write 

Is the question of you I ask?


By : Damien Knight
I have drifted
Slowly for so long
On my pain
That I have forgotten
Even how to write
Poetry anymore

I have suffered
Miserably that
I have forgotten
How to feel joy
The warmth
Of love

Toss the anchor
Into the stormy
Seas of pain
Cast with your hands
The sails
Tied up

Redirect the
Ship for
Rainbow skies
And cease drifting
On unpoetic
Oceans of sorrow

Pick up the pen
That is your helm
And stear your ship
Direct the rudder
To push sorrow behind
And reach for love

Write the words
And take moor
Secure it to
The dock of
And regain security

I Stopped drifting
And began writing
And once again
Picked up the pen
To continue my rhymes
And observations

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