By Damien Knight

I could write a thousand words
Weave stories for you to read.
But inside am I heard?
I just want to plant the seed
Of passion that grows wild
Love of writing, passion to dream
Just as an innocent child
Chasing butterflies full steam.
My story is hidden in all my verse
My love, heartache, and joys.
My best days and when I’m worse.
So read my heart and don’t be coy,
After all I write for you,
To feel, love, hate and cry.
Tell me your feelings true
Know it is on me you can rely.

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Five Words of Me

By Cera Knapp

These are five words that describe me and why I think they do.

  1. Playful. I love to play.
  2. Energetic. I am crazy and everywhere. Especially at night.
  3. Smart. I know a lot.
  4. Cute. I am cute and adorable. Just am.
  5. Gamer. I play video games a lot. I like to play them.

This is my list. Thanks!

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