Breaking Point

By Damien Knight

Feeling let down
Knowing I am broken
I feel hopelessly lost
I have been waiting
and I have been hoping
But I just can’t get it across
O the heart ache in my chest
O the pain of my sorrow
If only you see me
If only you knew
How very broken I am
Only you have the answers
Only you know it’s true
Only you can save me
If you just would love me
The way I love you

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Lost in Oblivion

“Ayana Kanosis”
I have become lost
Yes, lost in the oblivion
Of what is and what was
And I tell so many untruths
That I am blinded by them
You see me standing in the ocean
A celestial with no purpose
A goddess with no god beside her
A dragon of high standing and yet
My world is dark and foreboding
For I am without an honest love
and the one I care for is not my love
the one I love has a goddess
I am not needed only wanted
not cared for only lusted after
and so, I am lost in the oblivion