Johnny Rockets: An American Treat

By Aaron Knapp

In August I went to the Daegu Aquarium for a weekend. I got hungry and went to eat. I was hanging out inside the large mall where the Aquarium is at. I went to the food court near the bottom of the Dongdaegu Transfer Mall. Inside the food court is the Johnny Rockets restaurant. With all the other food options in this area, this hamburger establishment stands out.

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The Sea

By Damien Knight

The sea flows and ebbs, forward and back
The skies glimmer with pinks and reds
My daughter plays in the sand, mouth slack
Her hands thoughtful as she builds her castle
The horizon a boat speeds by waves break
My son runs along the line foot prints in sand
He charges kicks down her castle
“Daddy!” she cries and I take her hand
The sky is purple now, I gather her shovel and bucket
Her pretty strawberry head cries
“You only have eachother,” I scold, “dont forget.”
“Yes sir,” they whimper as we pack our things
The sea which was glistening turquoise earlier
Now reflected the purple black sky
My young ones at heel to the hotel
These are the memories I won’t let pass by

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Our First Ask Me Anything

Answers Written By Damien Knight

Shade of Writing AMA Link

Hello, I am Damien, the head blogger of our family blog The Shade of Writing. We are a home-school family of writers that love to travel. We write on various topics such as education, philosophy, poetry and history. We also have a Twitter, an Instagram and a YouTube.

I write poetry and share drafts of my novel when I am not in classes at the local university. My kids post their writing assignments from their books and papers on topics that interest them. My spouse travels for his job and most of our travel and food reviews are from him. We all are open to questions so ask away.

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WKU Geology Trip to the Mojave: Preparation’s Made


By Damien Knight


A week ago, I was waking up on the desert floor cold, wet, hungry and excited. I had been halfway through my trip to study the geology of the desert regions of California and Nevada. This week I will post several short posts about this experience and my thoughts on it.

The semester started back in January but my plans for this trip started way before that. I put my name on the list sometime in November just before the winter term started. I and 15 other geology students met at the first meeting Dr. Andrew Wulff, a volcanologist and WKU geology professor, held for the course. We discussed price, around 650 for Study Away plus the airfare, we discussed food, hotel accommodation and potential projects.

I knew I wanted to do this but as most of my followers know I suffer from epilepsy, asthma, and chronic pain issues (diagnosis still unsure “fibromyalgia?”) so any hiking expedition would be a challenge. I couldn’t bring my cane on such a trip and at 200 lbs I was (still am) obese. This meant I had to prepare.

My preparations started with an intense diet program. I dropped my calorie consumption to 1200 a day. I exercised at 5:00 am every morning for 15 minutes and 30 minutes in the afternoon. By time March arrived I had lost 23 lbs, and no longer used my cane.

The next step was packing luggage, taking notes at meetings and writing my project. I choose rock deformation, specifically faults. As time went on my project took on a wider role as I promised to blog about the trip and cover other aspects of structure such as folds and other deformation. I wrote a pre-trip information post on faults and created a power-point. With our presentations presented, our bags packed, and my personal goals achieved it was off to the airport.

Ahead was a week of adventure, excitement, and a touch of agony. My next post will be the revised “Faults and Fold” post and over the coming weeks snippets from my hand written journal concerning the trip.

Chart House Waikiki Review

By Aaron Knapp


Is there a better way to spend time than to be near the harbor? You have the smell of the ocean, the sound of gulls, and waves crashing the shoreline.  Step inside and be greeted by the sound of a live band and the wafting scent of good food?  Even if this sensory overload is not your cup of tea, the quality of the food at Chart House Waikiki should.

My associates and I had pre-reservations at the restaurant.  It is recommended to make reservations as the place swiftly gets packed making for quite the wait time. You are able to make reservations online at the Chart House Website.  We took a seat, and after reading the menu most of us ordered the evening specials. Food at the Chart House is kept in season, so your red fin tuna may be out of season, sad panda.  The evening special I received was a salad, an entree and a dessert.


The salad came with fresh ground pepper being served by the server.  Entrees came out with choice toppings for your potatoes.  The fish I had was moon fish, it was great, easy to cut, and tender.  The asparagus was steamed and tasted okay.  After a delicious dish of fish, I received my pineapple sherbet.  Even though the sherbet seems like a child’s dessert, I was in Hawaii and wanted the pineapple.  The sherbet was interesting, and not too shabby.  I was glad the sherbet was all I got as I was full after my entrée.  The Chart House was a good late night stop, all I can say is much like the rest of the island bring your wallet.  The Chart House is not expensive, compared to others.  I would recommend the restaurant to anyone in the area.