Tiptastic Tuesday: Honest Parenting

By Damien Knight

This weeks Tiptastic tip is a parenting one. Today I had a long conversation about my childhood with my kids. I answered them without hesitation. And this made me realise I never dared ask my parents how they were raised or what they did as kids.

Growing up it always felt like my parents had always been adults. Surely they never played like I did. I wanted my kids to know I understood, I have been there so I regularly tell anecdotes of my childhood. And that’s my tip for parent’s tell your kids about yourself. Want kids who will trust you with secrets? Trust them, believe me it works. When my son went through some tough stuff he knew I’d listen because I always do.

I am sure this isn’t new advice but maybe for some it is. Anyway happy Tuesday!


Tiptastic Tuesday

By Damien Knight


Not a fancy do it yourself craft today, just a little useful advice. Do NOT wait until last minute to study for midterms, ABSOLUTELY NOT. Just took a midterm for Arc GIS. I promise you I would have done better if my studying wasn’t directly before said test. That’s all folks.

Tiptastic Tuesday! Samurai: Hibachi and Sushi of Bowling Green


This Tiptastic Tuesday is a restaurant review for the Japanese hibachi restaurant Samurai on Scottsville Road. When we went in, we were shocked to find we were the only customers. I think this is because there are two other Japanese places named Samurai on Scottsville Rd. The one we went to was 1713 Scottsville Road, Bowling Green, KY.


We were led to the grill and sat down. I ordered a coke, my son a Dr. Pepper, my daughter a sweet tea. We then looked over the menu. They had a large selection of sushi and informed us they were doing a half off on sushi. I ordered a KY Derby Roll which had crab and shrimp and a Dragon Fly Roll which had eel and shrimp. The kids ordered their kids meal, my son steak, daughter shrimp and I choose a steak and shrimp combo. The waitress took our order and then came back with our soups.

The soup was superb, a clearer soup than at Shogun’s but delicious. The waitress then brings out the sushi and my salad. The wait had not been long, but we were hungry and dived into the sushi. It excellent. The ginger dressing on the salad was just right and not a single sushi remained.

The chef came out and did the standard show. He did a good job and kept us entertained. Once the food was cooked, we dived right in. I would give the place 4 out of 5 stars. It was clean with great staff and good food. The place had an unfinished feel to it though and no other customers. If the décor was improved, perhaps it would be five stars. If you are ever in the area stop in and give them a shot.

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Tiptastic Tuesday: Money Tips

  • Damien

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First off today I am going to talk about something important. MONEY. According to The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey the first step out of debt is creating a savings. For me this is very hard. I find it easy to spend cash and very hard to save. So I want to show you one method the book recommends to create that first thousand dollar savings.


Step one: Purchase a picture frame.

2. Open the back.

Insert the money you plan to save.

Close it up and hide it.


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Tiptastic Tuesday: Toilet Paper Pumpkins

By Damien Knight

With Halloween fast approaching I want to share this quick and easy craft you can do with your kids.

What you need:

Orange Felt

Green Felt

A toilet Paper roll


Permanent Marker

Brown paper


Cut a square of orange felt. Wrap toilet paper in the felt. Roll brown paper for stem, stick it in the center of the roll. Cut green felt into leaf shape. Tuck in green felt. Use permanent marker to draw any Jack O’ Lantern face on it.

The great part of this project is you can use glue but don’t need to. This way if you need the toilet paper you can just remove the felt.