Soul’s Longing

Damien Knight

I miss you, my love, my soul can’t take flight
I’m here in the dark waiting for the light

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Justice- A Thought on Love and Evil

Damien Knight

Written as From “Arajuan/Koraki Kanosis”


Perfect rage, anger and hatred

These are not evils

No these feelings

They mean you have loved

It is love that isĀ  the root

Of anger, fear and pain.

It is our love that causes

Us to feel loss

What is evil is

Forgetting this love

And becoming consumed

Turning to rage alone

And forgetting Justice

Crack the Code

By Damien Knight

I want to crack the code that is woman.
How do I understand the language?
No, not just any woman,
I want to crack the code that is you.
I want to understand the quirky way you grin,
The chime of your laughter
and the softness in your voice.
I want to understand the screech of anger
And even the tears.
Every part of you
Is a mystery I long to solve

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Flesh Blankets and Pantless Girls

By Damien Knight

“A flesh blanket the prefered blanket of serial killers.”

I joked last night. Isn’t it strange the weird things people think and say. My daughter inherited my odd sense of humor. She oft says odd stuff too. My favourite is when she declared 

“Jay, come run with a pantless woman. ”

She was wearing a dress. 

I wonder if my family, my sisters and I growing up, had internet if the world would have been shocked. I was raised in odd humor after all. They do say sarcasm and swearing are the language of the intelligent. Anyway thats my random musing for the day.