A Child Philosopher

By Damien Knight

(This is yet another blog post from a former blog written five years ago)

I talked with my five year old son today concerning topics I learned in Philosophy class. I asked him how he knows a rainbow is real and his answer reminded me of the oncological argument we discussed recently.

He said “because I can think it in my mind and when I see one I know it is a rainbow.”

I asked how he knew his sight wasn’t deceiving him making him believe it was a rainbow when in fact no rainbow existed. He replied he couldn’t be certain but that he would go ask his dad if rainbows were real. His dad, being the kind of person he is, decided to tell Jayson they weren’t real. Jay kind of got mad at him but he concluded that If he believes something is real in his mind that’s all he needed that the senses were not the way he had knowledge of rainbows. Me, I think it is both, reason and the senses.

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