Motivation Monday: Be Like a River, Go with The Flow

Hey guys, this week I begin driving lessons! As you can see by the exclamation mark, I am very excited. I am also real nervous. I have not driven since my wreck in 2009. That wreck left me concussed and terrified of driving even though I was not at fault. Anyway, that’s beside the point.

Another exciting thing is the Geology spring break trip. I will go to the Mojave! I know little about the trip yet but I will write about it when I get back. Things are flowing, some good, no lots good but even when I got good flow I know life isn’t always smooth so today, My Motivation Monday is:


When the river flows, it does not avoid the rock but embraces the rock. Over time, the rock in the river is rounded and changed and the jagged edges become smooth. In this way we too must embrace obstacles that cannot be avoided. When a river cannot make it through rough terrain, it’s path changes. It is not wrong or unmotivated to change direction, to avoid obstacles which otherwise hinder us. But if it cannot be avoided (School Tests, Job interview, a Marriage) we must welcome, embrace the change, the hindrance and reshape it into our benefit. Be like a river my friends and go with the flow.


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Another Night of Stress

Damien Knight
Seems that as school looms forward the nightmares get worse. Last night I dreamt the neighbors  were kidnapping dogs and barbecuing them. They took my Nana and ate her. I woke relieved but dang my brain is all a mess. Gonna destress with some skyrim today.

Stressed Dreaming 

By Damien Knight 

Dreams are just the brain processing. I just wish mine would stop being weird. I’m kind of stressed out about moving and I know that but my brain is processing it in odd ways. Dreamt about a psychward, theme parks and mint cake. I was glad I woke up.