Queen of Kalos: The Adventure Begins

A pokemon fan fiction

By Cera Knapp

Hi, my name is Cera and I want to get my final Princess key. I need it so I can be the queen of Kalos region. While others tell me I have a difficult road ahead I know it will be easy for me with my “eeveelutions.” There is one thing that stands in my way though. My eevee,  Eeveen is constantly targeted by Team Rocket. One day though I will beat them once and for all and become Queen of Kalos! Let’s go Eeveen and catch them all!


Holly’s Luau: A Doll Story

Written By: Aaron Knapp

Characters of this play:

Holly- Chan: A spunky blond haired girl

Kumiko: The go get’er brunette with pig tails

Akemi: The shy brown haired blue eyed one

Sumire: Despite her turquoise hair she doesn’t like standing out.

Ai Indigo: Goth princess Ai is the newest.

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Wednesday Wisdom : No Harm in Asking


First off sincere apologies for missing Tiptastic Tuesday. Everything is still very topsy turvey in the Shadow Lair Household. We have been unpacking still and on top of that I had midterms this week and next. This brings me to my Wednesday Wisdom:


My first midterm was in Mineralogy. I was so embarrassed. I had studied all week and I thought I was prepared but when I sat down this feeling of doom took over. The professor, Dr. Wulff, handed the test and I read over it. I couldn’t recall anything I had studied.

Now my teacher is not a tough teacher, he isn’t this brick wall that you can’t approach. While I struggled and wept silently over the test other students would get up and go to the prep room and ask questions. I became more disparaged meanwhile my classmates would sit back down more encouraged. In this situation who is the fool? The man who held his silence with pride and embarrassment or the ones who spoke out their ignorance?

I was most definitely the fool here. I would love to say I realised what I was doing that instant. I did not and I sulked out without directly handing my page to the teacher with my tail between my legs. If I had only asked my teacher about Radius Ratios and made a point that I didn’t understand he could have helped me. I did not ask and so likely did poorly. It is my mistake and I accept this.

Ask, it doesn’t hurt even if the answer is “No,” or “I don’t know.” At least you tried.

A Doll Story : Indigo

By Aaron

I recently acquired a new girl. This is her arrival story. I will use Holly(H), Sumire (S), and new girl Ai Indigo(I).

Me: Why is there two boxes at the door?
H: Remember the girl we asked you to get us? She came today silly.
Me: Right I forgot, shew I’m glad I didn’t have to go pick them up at the post office, as my car is in the shop.
H: Well, get over here and help me out.
Me: Let me go get scissors or something.
H: Oh, you came back with “Scissors?!”
Me: Go ahead.
H: Okay!!!
Rustling sound.
Me: Wait no you… Ok let me help you finish.
The first box was opened.
H: What now, senpai?
Me: We open the box.
H: I don’t think there’s anything pink in here.
Toss. Toss.

Me: No, Holly I don’t think there’s anything “pink” in there.
H: Ohhh! I found kitty ears, I like her already.
Me: You look nice I will get our new friend out of her box.
Snip, snip, snip
Me: Ok, Holly here’s our new friend.
“New girl cries”
H: What’s wrong?
I: My hair wasn’t put in my box with me, and you have hair.
H: Sumire! Can you help our new friend?
S: Sure, here, it was in the other box with all her stuff.
I: Er, my umm legs are a little dark, and my face is a mess. I hope you understand.
H: Don’t worry my leg doesn’t move correctly, now after my trip on the big metal bird.
H: Don’t worry, um I didn’t get your name, your face looks fine, what ever it is we can fix it, I’m sure.
I: Ai Miyazaki, Indigo, everybody calls me Indigo.
H: Cool, Indigo we are going to do a little family photo you in.
I: Err, umm SURE! Who’s the girl in the pink dress.
H: It’s Akemi. We’re a bunch of misfit dolls, but we have fun going all over the place, and playing dress up, and getting our pictures taken.

Tydeus : An Aldaria Journal

By Damien Knight

I have tried so hard to live up to you. I really did. The pressures of being crown prince, it isn’t easy. My start in life was difficult enough. My mother is gone, dead I was told, and you abandoned me. I had thought for a long time you and mother didn’t want me at all.

I tried so hard to be like the Ghata who raised me. These cat warriors were strong and swift, but I was not a Ghata. I was your son. How could you leave me? I spent every moment waiting. I prayed you would come.

Then the day came. A Ghata warrior told me a man broke into the city taking down every warrior in his path. That day I learned the truth. You never meant to lose me. You searched every day for me, your eldest living son. I am Tydeus “Tachy” Kanosis. And I will live up to your name. No, I will surpass you, father, on my honour.

I am Aldra: An Aldaria Journal

I was the proud eldest daughter of a warlord king, a godlike man of great honour. My father’s dying wish was that I marry and join our territory with our ally. He pleaded that I marry the ruler of neighbouring kingdom’s son to join our lands. My country became my dowry, and I married the fool of a man. I won’t say I didn’t grow to love him but his bravado made him fool.

My husband was ambitious and formed a treaty with a dragon prince. A treaty after 3 years of war because he attacked them and attempted to conquer their land and add it to our own. He summoned the prince to his palace under pretence of signing the treaty. He underestimated Kyrazosanz.

My husband planned a trap but before he could enact this fowl betrayal, the prince drew his massive sword. With soldiers surrounding him he blasted them. His silver blue eyes burned as he swung the blade. My husband in his confidence wore no armour and fell to the cut. There before my eyes my King was slain, and I kneeled begging for my life. I knew I was no match for a dragon.

Kyrazosanz approached me. He lifted my head with his blade. I shook in fear.

“Dear Aldra,” he mocked, “you played no role in his treachery. I wouldn’t kill you.”

He sheathed his blade and turned his back on me. This tall silvered haired prince left me entranced. Could you blame me for pursuing him? After all, wouldn’t marrying a stronger ruler provide what my father dreamt.

I am Queen Aldra! And Aldaria is my land.

An Aldaria Journal : Diana Rose

Our society was a matriarchal society on the planet Erimos. It was a wind-swept desert planet with scattered oasis’. The planet was not as vibrant as our neighbor Lysandor but we the highest sentient life forms had survived there for a few million years. We even evolved to create technology to travel the stars.

My mother, the queen of Erimos, was a twisted-tongued woman. She was ambitious. She betrayed our allies on Lysandor and attempted an assassination of a young prince. She used my fellow “sisters” as bait with an illusion that made them look like elven women. This incurred the wrath of their queen and her noble husband who used their own spaceships to infiltrate our planet and near wipe out our ecosystem. They rained devastation while mother fled with her soldiers to Lysandor for sanctuary.

We had fled to an over pass and an argument ensued between mother and I. Her “dragon” warriors decided I was a liability and my mother ordered me tossed off the bridge. I was about to be hurled into the canyon when the young and powerful queen of Aldaria came with intent to rescue me. They pushed her into the ropes and told she had no escape when she replied.

“You underestimate a dragon. This will be your last mistake.”

I can still hear my mother telling the woman she looked too young to be a dragon warrior. I still picture the shock on mother as the woman dived to catch me. My savior rising from canyon before my fellow Erpitoni. I was riding on the back of the largest of lizards with wings. It was a sight like they had never seen before, a true dragon.

“This is a dragon.” She declared

From her maw sprayed a fiery acid. My people were annihilated, melted in her glory. My mother laid dead, the dragon crushed her in its claws. Only a small population of Erpitoni survived on Erimos. Even a smaller few live now as I do on Lysandor. I am Princess Roza Diamanti but those who know me call me Diana Rose.