That is How I Love

By Damien Knight

I love with a burning fire
It sears through my soul
My heart is a hearth
Where those I love gather
My fire warms them
That is how I love

My love is the breath of air
It is a the fragrance
Cherry blossom on the wind
Carried to all the world
Covering them in adoration
That is how I love

I love as a flow of water
Steam through bends and curves
A life force for my lovers
They the vessel give me shape
My passion being fluid
That is how I love

Like the earth I am steadfast
Slow changing I love for ages
I loved you 10 years ago, I still do
The cracks in my emotions
Earthquakes just bring character
That is how I love

I love with divine spirit
My passion is powerful
Fueled by water’s life, air’s breath
Fire’s warmth, Earth’s embrace
My love is the life in me
That is how I love

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