Social Saturday: Hurricane Irma


Normally I would have asked you all to leave questions in the comments last night. I got home late though and that didn’t happen. Leave questions for me in the comments of this post and I will answer tonight.

Now that that is out of the way, lets talk about Hurricane Irma. If you are in it’s path I am pleading you evacuate. This is a storm like we haven’t seen in 80 years.


Irma Satellite Images

Source of pic Independent

The satellite images show that this storm is no joke. The size alone swallowed the islands it hit. Don’t think you will survive. GET OUT. After all Irma isn’t alone.


NBC Sat Image of Irma and Jose

Source of picture NBC News. 

The Caribbean is preparing for Jose and at this point they don’t have much left. If it were me I wouldn’t be taking chances when two hurricanes are following one after the other.

After all this is the damage Irma did to St. Martin:


Saint Martin, NBC News

Source for pic: NBC NEWS

Irma is suppose to now be heading toward Tampa. I am begging my family, friends and strangers. Just leave. Please, take your elderly. Yesterday it was the Bahamas, the storm is coming don’t wait.

Irma heading for Tampa


St. Martin, NBC News

Source for pic: NBC NEWS



Social Saturday: DNA TESTS

@l_lengyel Asks: I am thinking about trying 23 and me DNA ancestry? Have you thought about it? Just asking.

Damien Says:

While I have considered using DNA test initially after some research I learned there are plenty of options depending on the DNA test you need.

Maury uses DNA Truth, which is also an ancestry DNA company.

If you are wanting to know what will work for you there is a good  blog post here : Which DNA Test Should I Take?

As for me I will probably take one this year and I will either use 23 and me or