Everyone Is Sick Here (Haiku)

by Damien Knight

A chill in the air
I and the littles, unwell
Swimming stomach aches

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Good Night

By Damien Knight

I ache physically and mental
The agony of silence torments me.
I need touch ever gentle
My eyes droop so sleepy.
All I think of is you.
Princess, my pages are blank
Even my rhymes have no clue.
How can I be frank,
100 degrees, losing inspiration.
Can’t write my poems or book
Good night for now my passion.
Meanwhile stay love and look,
At all I have done before.
Find comfort at my writing’s door.

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By Damien Knight

All day I have waited for you.
My fever burns, my chest tight
I just need comfort it’s true
And your words became my light.
You say you are not as clear as I.
Your love is plain to me.
I’m choked, feel as I could die
I complain when I feel sickly.
One day I won’t have to suffer alone
A hand strokes my hair with kindness.
Yes I’ll hold you for my own
And we will be together in bliss.

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Life With Chronic Pain

By Damien Knight

For the past 11 years I been struggling with a list of unusual symptoms. It started soon after my son was born, back pain, numb legs, leg cramping, hip and joints burning. As the years went it has gotten worse. It’s hard on me because as a geology major who wants to work in the field having to walk with a cane bites.

My legs go numb, my skin burns. I always hated being touched. It hurts to be touched. What hurts worse is wanting to hug my kids and the pain is so bad I can’t. I don’t know what’s wrong with my body. We have done test after test. There is no reason my legs are falling asleep and then burning like fire. They found nothing wrong with my back and hips. I started taking Aleve daily which helps dull the pain but not erase it.

Today I stand. Today I walk. Today I hurt. I will push for tomorrow. We will figure this out. In the meantime I remain strong and hopeful.