Look Past

By Damien Knight

Look past the dark brown hair
The speckled green eyes
Look past the shit eating grin
I seem to be grinning at you

Look past the walls and barriers
I have constructed so gingerly
Look past the bitter hatred
That is the door to me

Look past and see
That in your hands the key
Look past then look forward
Into my eyes lost and empty

Look forward and know
Only you can free me
Look forward and stare into the soul
For there lies the true goal

Look away you should not
Because then it would break me
Look away and you will never see
The kind of man I could be

Look past my faults
Give me the chance
Look in the heart of me
Unlock the door with the hearts key

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Rescue Song

By Damien Knight

Spiraling down with broken wings
Suddenly an angel sings
A dark salvation melody
As she comes to rescue me
I hold on tight, don’t let go
Why does hell pull on me so
Lies of danger and despair
My angel flies without care
She holds on as hell fights
She saves me from the night
Everyone tells me to beware
But my angel does not scare
She is a dark and gentle thing
I will listen to the song she sings

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