Chapter Five: The Lady Ayana

“There are none fairer than the

Gaian Elves of Lenagard”

Tarnink, ambassador of Lenagard

A young woman with elven beauty walked along a narrow forest path. Her black and red streaked hair swept past her high cheekbones with a small wind. She froze at the sound of a snapped twig and sniffed the air. She caught the distinct scent of rohit-elafi along with the familiar trace of sulfur. The woman grabbed her bow as she peered out through her emerald eyes, the slit pupils narrowed when she spotted her prey. Her arched eyebrows curved in concentration. It was an older rohit-elafi and was not likely to survive the coming winter; she shot and hit her mark.

The woman approached the small red deer like creature and lifted it over her slender shoulders with great ease. The weight shifted on her shoulders. She moved a strand of her wavy hair away from her eyes as she slid down the path. The narrow path grew wider and large trees dotted it, spaced out in an interesting pattern. The air smelled of oak and the comforting scent of sulfur left the winds. This was the elven village of Mila and the homes were in those trees. She moved with stealth through the village.

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