By Damien Knight

I languished tears at edge
selfish my desire
persistent my words a hedge
drowning the fire

my obsessive mind loud
feeding insecurity and lies
I gave weight, too proud
to admit them as false cries

What can I say?
In the past silence was the end
this is not the day
that I allow myself to bend

you ever bright my muse
a light dancing in my mind
your face lit the fuse
your voice soft and kind

You are love’s true desire
A princess for this pauper
You made me sire
and it is my eternal love I offer


I Love You

By Damien Knight

Every drug has a price babe.

Oh, I wonder what the cost?

But you know I’m in love babe,

Without you I’d be lost!

And I am a romantic,

They say that is true.

But this romance on display,

I write it for you.

And each night this old crow

Lays in his forlorn nest

Alone but not really

For you are my rest.

And when the light hits,

And the dawn breaks,

I find myself eager

To once again wake.

My dreams not so pretty

As the green of your eyes.

I glance at my phone

Before I even rise.

I feel so different now

My confidence a king’s attire

And you the queen of my heart

Set my being on fire

How many languages can I use

to express my devotion?

Love is a language all its own

and mine for you a vast ocean

Without the words proper

I say my lady, my heart

I love you

And wish us never to part

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By Damien Knight

I have to be cautious,
my heart is glass
surrounded by brick
encased in a vault
of bitterness.

I have to be cautious,
my ego an animal
caged in arrogance
to hide my ignorance
and self consciousness.

I have to be cautious
I can’t let you see
how I’m falling
but you are different
breaking my walls.

I hate being cautious!
I just want this!
Sledgehammer the years
and give in to you.
and see you glow

Look Past

By Damien Knight

Look past the dark brown hair
The speckled green eyes
Look past the shift eating grin
I seem to be grinning at you

Look past the walls and barriers
I have constructed so gingerly
Look past the bitter hatred
That is the door to me

Look past and see
That in your hands the key
Look past then look forward
Into my eyes lost and empty

Look forward and know
Only you can free me
Look forward and stare into the soul
For there lies the true goal

Look away you should not
Because then it would break me
Look away and you will never see
The kind of man I could be

Look past my faults
Give me the chance
Look in the heart of me
Unlock the door with the hearts key

A Desperate Dream

By Damien Knight


I loved like no other man but my heart was shattered!

She was my desire, my every dream.

Waking is a nightmare, finding her not real.

Despair would fill every crevice, every seam.

Ebony haired, emerald eyes, ruby lips

my hands reach desperation on my fingertips.

Craving her voice like a lost ballad

the denial of her leaves my skin pallid.

How can I breathe when she takes my air?

Don’t you know how wretched I am

waking alone in sweat soaked despair?

I look in every pair of eyes I see

alas when will I see that angel face?

Have pity on this poor basket case

I cannot sleep any more, eyes encircled

all because of that beauty I marveled

If only I could never wake again

I would stay forever there with Ana.

Weeping when the night ends

for seeing her is life manna.