Stormy Skies (2012)

By Damien Knight

Love cures the dark in my head,
Turns my blackened blood red,
Warms a heart cold with vengeance.
I give no sense repentance,
Stayed alive fighting for revenge.
My soul, on the sense self justice henge.
What is better vengence or justice?
Justice is vengence, I stand by this.
It is vengence sans emotions,
And I, the raging storm, refuse the notion.
Love me Sora, my heart warm with rage.
I’ll hold you close upon the page.

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Vengeance Will Be Mine

By Damien Knight

I could scream with the hatred that builds in me
I could cut the throat of the one I hate
But what would that bring me
He’s already dead, I was too late
I can feel pity for the one who does not earn It
I do still burn with passion for him
But I’d rather not have bull-shit
So, I must un-love him
For men who only care about themselves
Whose egos make them oblivious
Should die and rot in hell
I hope one day you taste deaths kiss
And never make it back
I unattach my heart and eyes
For self-love I do not lack
And with your dying breath I expose your lies