By Damien Knight

Every new year I write a list
All the things that I wish
To better myself, resolve
This year of that task I absolve
Why say I will lose weight
Change my fate
Or better myself in anyway
Every year it’s all the same
Instead I’ll love every moment
I’ll be me and I’ll own it!

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My New Year’s Resolutions

By Aaron Knapp

Most of my resolutions are renewals or like a to do list here goes:

1. No biting nails. This is a bad habit, and one I would like to not do as it’s bad on my nails.

2. No alcohol. This has been on my resolution for the past several years, so the renewal.

3. Give thanks to those that provided it last year. Certain things happened for a reason, so I need to give the necessary thanks.

4. Relearn Japanese. When I was younger a foreign exchange teacher taught me the basics of Japanese. I would like to relearn this language as its still my favorite foreign country.

5. Studies for job. I have certain job requirements I need to study for.

6. Limit beef intake. I have issues it seems eating beef, so it’s best to limit this for health reasons.

7. Limit cheese intake. It’s either the beef or the cheese causing my health issues. The cheese issue is a limit not an absolute.

8. Travel to Japan to get household stuff/birthday gifts. I got to have my gachapons.

. 9. Solve that pesky Rubik’s cube. My dad solves these I would like to share.

10. Improve my photo’s.

New Years Resolutions

By Cera Knapp

1. To advocate for animal welfare
2. Make it able for my dog to come home. You can help me by donating so we can build a fence for our dog.

Nana’s Fence Fund

Donate here to help us build a fence for our Alaskan Klee Kai, Nana, to come home.


3. Cure my fear of heights.
4. Help build a catio for my cats.
5. Travel more.
6. Make new friends.
7. Work on my arachnophobia.
8. Learn Japanese
9. Improve my history knowledge.
10. Beat Skyrim



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Monday Motivation: New Year’s Resolutions

By Damien Knight


Every year I write a piece on my resolutions. Normally I would write them and keep it private but this year to help me hold to becoming a better, healthier me. I will list 10 goals I will go for this year.

1. Lose 75. This involves becoming very stringent in what I eat. Not allowing junk food, soda, or other forms of sugar in the home. I also will increase exercising.
2. Start rock climbing again. I won’t let pain prevent me from my dreams I am going to one day climb mountains.

3. I will get back on Testosterone and raise money for surgery. My goal is at least 1000 this year. This means updating my GoFundMe once a week.

4. I will post a non-surgery related post once a week on the blog. I cannot guarantee daily posts but will do my best to try.

5. I will master at least one new language. I have already started doing this using Duolingo.

6. Up my GPA and do my research project. I was extremely nervous about doing my graduation project but I will have to suck it up.

7. Become strong enough to not need my cane. I started walking with a cane during periods of intense pain in 2010. I will figure out what’s causing my pain and find a way to not rely as much on the cane.

8.I will republish my novel and start my second one. I will stop re-editing the first one after I finish this.

9. Finish projects I have started.

10. Beat Skyrim. Seriously, like the complete game not just the main quest.

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