Where do I stand?

I tell you I love you
I mean it
I mean it
Baby you tell me nothing
This can’t be It
Can’t be it…
I need to know princess
Because the silence is death
it’s death
Where to I stand?
on solid ground
or quicksand?

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Letting Go

By Damien Knight

I can’t remain bitter at one
Heartbroken at the other
I can’t hold on
When I need to release
I have to just smile
The pain will fade
At the end of the day
I will find solace knowing
I loved and I have lost
I can love again, someone new
Someone bold and bright
Who accepts me for who I am
Someone who will stay
Someone I can please
And who pleases me
Someone prepared for the cost
Mentally of being with me
Someone who is true
When I find you I will love you

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Long Distance

By Damien Knight

Not every line is a story true,
Nor every verse a page for you.
My darling knows this heart of mine
She sees my pain and she’s divine.
I ache for her in true agony
I pleaded she reach for me.
In response she says “Yes sir.”
And instantly I’m there for her.
But true we have yet to meet,
So take a moment, have a seat.
She lives a rainy Washington city
While I live in lonely Kentucky.
I’ll love her ’til my dying day
For that is my way.

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My Offering     


Take my bloody heart
Tear my body apart
I lived for you
I will die in you
This is my wretched life
And I am not the wife
I expected to be
I wonder if you see
My deepest desires
Feel the burning fires
That is my bleeding arm
Watch the cut no harm
This is my devotion
My blood in motion
You are my sun and moon
My shadow in the noon
And here I am at your altar
To give you my offer
My ultimate sacrifice
You are my ultimate vice
I made you into my lord
And I worshiped you with my word
I hold this bleeding heart
Taking it you tear it apart
You hated me so much
Yet you longed for my touch
Now have me forever
For the dead can’t move, ever
And that I give to you
My one love so untrue

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Forgive Me

I watch my pain
Flow in and out
And pour down
Like the rain

I have always been
Never left, I stayed
Waiting, hoping, nothing
This I will do till the end

Even though it’s pointless
To wait and futile to hope
my heart continues to forgive
Nothing is pointless

So long as I don’t die
I will be there hidden
For I am never in the open
And hidden I cry

Should you ever lose out
I am here waiting silently
Crying desperately forgive me
I believe in you no doubt

My dream is to die
Peacefully in the shadow’s arms
For he is constant
Until then forgive me I cry

Forgive me for being me
Annoying, pestering, doubtful
All these things I am
Forgive me for I truly see


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Shooting Star

By Damien Knight

Last night I saw something amazing
Amazing like you Lady of Dreams
It was a shooting star falling
Falling through the sky
Sky dark lit by a full moon
Moon bright like your eyes
Eyes that pierce the soul
Soul like this star I wished upon
Wished upon for you
For you to finally find me
Find me because I am lost without you