What I Got In Trouble for as a Kid

By Damien Knight

My 300 Writing prompts is what I got int trouble for most. I got in trouble for most as a kid was not paying attention. I got in fights occasionally and got in trouble for other things but was yelled at most for my lack of focus. Whether it was forgetting my umbrella during a down pour or not closing a door in a timely manner, I got scolded. I fear I yell too much at my own children for similar such mole hills.

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Life Equations

By Damien Knight

Writing prompt today create equations that express something you know or believe.

Family + Expectations = Disappointment

Government + Power = Oppression

Study + Focus = Good Grades

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Lost Work

By Damien Knight

Every line, every verse I wrote today
Lost, an entire page of poems written
But like a fickle woman it did not stay
I wrote of love, and of pain ALAS!
What kind of curse is this that it’s gone
An hour of writing, like lost song
I will mourn my paper of poems
And hold myself high and remain headstrong

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My Favourite Ways to Spend a Lazy Day

By Damien Knight

I like to spend lazy days playing video games, sleep and write. I use to play League of Angels all the time, Skyrim is still my favourite. Play MMO’s and RPG’s, they are a great way to escape reality for a few hours. You just go fight dragons, save Tamriel it’s great. Video games and story writing are methods of escape where I can be a hero, a villain or both. That’s how I spend a lazy day.

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