Constant Worry. Sora?

I am troubled for her
My soul in constant worry
Dreamt she dived toward death
If ever were she to leave
I am sure I will of wept
Her hair flow like ebony water
Along the falls current
I pull her from the river
Into my broad arms
“Sora!” I cry as I pump water
From her chest and she opens
Her honey glazed eyes
“Leave me to my demise!”
Legs are cut from braving
The waterfall, for I dove after
“I rather die than feel so alone”
Sora you aren’t alone never alone
Forever Koraki is with you
Forever I whisper my love
Forever Koraki swears to guide you
Sweet blossom from above

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Like Romeo (2013)

Fair love, like Romeo and Juliet,
I claimed none could be fairer
You and I we our love doth hide
Yet who is to say ours is untrue
I know this certain as Romeo did
Alas fairest maiden I’d die for you

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Valentine for Sora

I think of the roses in the market
Flowers red, delicate and fair
Not one worthy of your beauty
None would match your emery hair
I ponder all the chocolates sweets
Alas, none as sweet as the agony
Fair, Sora, I feel when I dream of you
The markets have no item for me
To mark my devotion, Aniya, to a dream
No perfume as perfect as your scent
No flower radiant as your bloom
Alas, is there no token I might present
Then let me come with a poem for you
I come before my queen. I am your king
My love is true, pure and unending
It will be hymns of love to you I sing

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A Shaded Truth, A Dreamed Love

By Damien Knight

Wrapped in the wings of love
Connected by visions lured by desire
Radiant beauty shaded truth a supposed illusion
In fact an opiate ever enticing fire

Hair fluid obsidian sharp to the eye
A smile masks my face inside I cry
Comfort in her divine glow a thought i refuse
Instead I sludge through my life in lonely lies

If i were honest her voice always guides
A subtle hymn driving me forward my passion
Soft fingers trace my cheeks, gentle a dream
Shan’t I love her here, least she’s the world I’m in

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