Fade Away

By Damien Knight

Dropped tears down a crystal face.

I’m glass, a shattered flower vase.

Never allowed my beauty.

You robbed me of my petals.

You stole my shine,

All for your own benefit.

I had aspirations, dreams

You tore each one at the seams

I won’t let you haunt me

I shake away the chains

Of bitter memories

So fade away darkness

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By Cera Knapp
L is for the way I LOVE you

O is for the ONE I need

G is for how GREAT we are

A is for an ATLAS mapping our love

N is for you NEAR me


 By “Ayana Kanosis”

I reach out and touch
Only to grab air
I miss him so much
But he is not there
He resides not in the cave of sorrow
Nor can I find him by Crystal Tears
I guess our time was borrowed
Without him I am consumed with fear
I search lovingly behind the drapes
I fly out and scan the lake
I hold the bitterness like sour grapes
And wonder if he knows how my heart aches

The Shadow I Adore

By “Ayana Kanosis”


Wrapped in your arms

Begged, reveal yourself to me

I don’t wish to lose you

By waking up you see

I miss you when I wake

Longing to battle with you again

I need you beside me

Without you I can’t win

Who are you my shadow?

You deny your identity

But I know you, my warrior

You’re always here with me

Don’t hid your face from me

You are worthy of much more

Let me see you my darling

The shadow I adore