Long Distance

By Damien Knight

Not every line is a story true,
Nor every verse a page for you.
My darling knows this heart of mine
She sees my pain and she’s divine.
I ache for her in true agony
I pleaded she reach for me.
In response she says “Yes sir.”
And instantly I’m there for her.
But true we have yet to meet,
So take a moment, have a seat.
She lives a rainy Washington city
While I live in lonely Kentucky.
I’ll love her ’til my dying day
For that is my way.

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Belong to Me

By Damien Knight

I wake confused and uncertain,

Place my love behind an iron curtain.

Let my heart be cold as war.

I don’t feel so sure.

These walls they surround me

And I just can’t get free.

But I dream of my princess

Only to wake and feel useless.

Aniya, Lady of Shadows, I’m empty

All I want is for you to belong to me.

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By Damien Knight

Dare not read into every line,
No don’t examine each fine point
Each word that will defines
Is just another verse.

I the true death knight
Sit in my room and brood.
Do I have the right?
Has my sudden influx been rude?

But no I press forward
Aniya, I ever seek.
Do I use my shield or cut with sword.
Is my desires weak?

Come are you Sailor Mars?
Or another I once knew?
Have I left so many scars?
But I do love true.

And in so doing here you are
Led by my repeated verse.
Men can traverse the stars
But loneliness is Raven’s curse.

Your Damien, I am not he
Or am I? Even I don’t know
And that’s the tragedy.
Still give this stranger a go,

Fate brought you here to me
In my heart strained hour.
I can write pretty pleas
You inspired me to flower.

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Your King

By Damien Knight

You’re my goddess,
You’re my queen,
But I won’t be on my knees
Cuz you’ll be the one to bow to me

I’ll be your truest lover
Of that you can be sure
I’ll gladly be your everything
Make me worthy to be your king.

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By Damien Knight

All I ever dreamt of
Waking at your side.
Here I am love
Come be my bride.

Who has passion like I?
Who cares for me like you?
Aniya, my love is no lie
To you I am true.

Every love poem I write
I think of you.
These feelings I fight
leave me coloured blue.

This undead heart of mine
Heal it, give me life.
In your grace divine
Lady be my wife.

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Trust Me My Love

By Damien Knight

I tell myself to leave my heart at the door
this ain’t about love anymore.
I say I need these walls if I wanna stay.
That this is just a game we play

but that’s not who I am.
I’m just not that kind of man.
To act on lust and desire
without my love on fire.

I keep thinking of you,
of all the things we’d do,
the past,present, and what can be
if only you put your trust in me.

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