Concerning You

Often I have doted on your beauty
Raved over your soft emery waves
Got lost in eyes emerald and honey
Even your nose, button yet broad
They consume my dreams, yet there’s more
Charmed by your wit, your unmatched intelligence
Shy, yet I am shaken by your unbridled confidence
Your light laugh, the glare of your rage
Each argument deeper realisation
Of my passion for the daughter of the moon
I dream and call your name, see your face
Radiant soul, I will keep waiting
If you need, here in this place
That I can be more than just a shadow king

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Look for me in the wind
Stare out into the vast abyss
The breeze is my friend
I’ll be the man that you miss

Like the raging storms before me
And that calm you feel when I’m gone
It all leaves you uneasy, lonely
I knew, we’d grow this way all along

But my heart still yearns and I offer
The safety of my habour to you
Come dock here when your heart is unsure
And I my beloved remain yours true.

Not He

Love, the blinding light of Cupid
Passions blight makes the wisest stupid
You, clever, strong headed woman
Think you know love for certain
How it pains me to keep doing this
I would give to show lovers bliss
Be the man you seek so desperate
You stubbornly ignore me, you forget
I am not! Nor are you her, for you say so
You cannot be pushing, clinging, let go
Your voice vibrates in your words
They echo in my daily life, not unheard
But, lady of mist, I am not he
Don’t expect this out of me

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