Like ice she leaves me cold, lonely
Filled with a despair when I remember
I am always stand by, back up
Certain she was talking to other men
Only to return when they leave
I swallow, cold, erect my walls
She broke the contract long ago
I won’t give her my heart
My head reasons away emotion
She faked such devotion
With false affections I mistrust
Every return she makes to me
When will I accept the truth
That I’m miserable with you

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Be Bold

I dream her radiance
Her loveliness, her smile
I see her words written here
In these dreams every once while
But the dream was so fragmented
I dont remember its whole
Oh lady shadows be bold!

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The Pain

Do you hurt inside
Wish to waste away and die
Are those tears I see you cry
Babe please don’t lie

You cry for all the pain
The years washed away in the rain
Love seems lost not this again
Yet here you are going insane

He consoles you with words
And you feel like you’re heard
But truth is it still hurts
That feeling that leaves you unsure

How can this be feeling this broken
The guilt rides in can’t be forgiven
All the while try to forget, let life in
But the memories they haunt, can’t win

How we try to run from the web we weave
As for me, It’s her love I grieve
And I can’t pour my soul to empty sea
So I ought take my leave

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Distracted myself all day but couldn’t stop thinking
Every conversation running like water over me
Every dream I ever had, every vision, every reading
I don’t mean a thing but she, why her tears are my anxiety

I want to chase her away, like a nuisance, a lost dog
Inside I know her to be just my type
Infatuated, obsessive, clingy, clearly devoted
But I won’t pretend to be someone I ain’t I won’t lie

My code of honour, honesty and integrity prevents me
The words said twist like fabric falling lose
Just as her hair when the pins removed, flowing free
Why is my soul so twisted up inside

And every word I type is in hesitancy
Will this be another poem I delete? wipe away
As I would all the shattered dreams in the past
Or will I cave and plead her once more stay

Even though it causes us both unnecessary agony
I am a shade, a whisper, a false dream I said
Yet the song this bard sings is hollow, empty
If the words do not resonate, Anika Sora be free

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To Fallstar

I plead you accept the facts
Face the truth he isn’t me
Don’t you get how hard this is
Seeing her in all your cries
Go I don’t ask you to stay anymore
I set you free
Take it of your own free will
Open the door
I know this is hard to believe
But the heart is a known deceiver
It lied to you, it was always me
My voice whispering a subtle wind
To toss your waves of emery hair
My song playing bitter muse
To cause your crystal tears unintended
Yes every verse with my name is me
I am Damien, but I am not he
So stop, don’t come to me crying for him
I’m selfish, bitter, depressed, angry
And he, your sweet adonis, isn’t me
I do not wish to dream of any other
Or call any name but Sora, my true Sora
She is the lady of shadows
The tide, the troubled moon, the broken dream
She’s the light, the blossom, Hoa, Sakura
The elegant flower of the misty forest
The mistress of fire, lady of dreams
Princess, the dragon queen
And she is the one who is shy yet stubborn
Well learned and well to do
Athletic, hard headed, her hair pinned tight
Her laugh causng creases on her face just so
She is the one i’ve called my flower
Ayana, Aniya, Anika, Sora, Tsuki
Every name poetic and different meaning
She is a goddess unseen, not real
Yet my worship is for her alone
Every poem of love devoted to the lady
Lady of mist and I her king of misery
Please I no longer wish to confuse you
Calling you by her name confused me
And you are not the same Sora
I can’t convince myself this but…

I must if you are to live happy

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Lingering Here

The desire to reach out and touch you
To hold you against my heart
It overwhelms me so that I dream
And see you once again
Your name is clear in view
I scant know how to react
Why can’t my heart ignore this
And listen to my head when I say
It isn’t her, leave her there where she is
Are you Sora? No Sora is the moon
Sora is the pull of my raging sea
The ebb and flow of the tides
The muse of every single dream
Yet, are you Anika Sora who I once
Called Lady Aniya oh I already know
It can’t be because she’s tied up
To another broken hopeless dream
And that bitter love doesn’t involve me
Yet I dream I’m looking at my phone
To see a message on my Facebook
From her, a light in my dark dreams
Sweet Hoa, the blossom, and I stared at her
Profile, a face I’d known yet never will see
Outside my dreams, I sigh, no it won’t be
I shan’ t chase a star when the universe calls
Besides I can’t ask a stranger to love me

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Thin Line

I walk a thin line posting this
my heart aches an anxiety but my soul
Would scold me if I hid my poetry
How I fear her breaking every time
We speak of these troubled rhymes
I’ve cried so oft in discussion
with aching heart and weighted soul
I dream yet I fear to confuse more
Alas here is my heart in bitter dreams outpour
I won’t suppress my feelings when this is my abode