By Damien Knight
She was my heart

I was her fire

Oceans a part

Close in mind

Passions burn

Dancing torch

I still yearn

For her voice

Alas we seperated

Through the viel

My life dedicated

To her memory

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Fade Away

By Damien Knight

Dropped tears down a crystal face.

I’m glass, a shattered flower vase.

Never allowed my beauty.

You robbed me of my petals.

You stole my shine,

All for your own benefit.

I had aspirations, dreams

You tore each one at the seams

I won’t let you haunt me

I shake away the chains

Of bitter memories

So fade away darkness

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By Damien Knight
I’m tired, tired of the death 

Of the spread of blood

Tired of the gunshots

Taking those beloved

Early to their graves

I’m tired of thought and prayers

That don’t save

The innocents lost

I’m tired

But nothing is done

Because who cares the cost

Take our guns, 

Our freedom they shriek

What about the church

The praying meek

Their freedom less than?

But I’m tired

Of this being our stance

Do we not care?

What of the children?

The weeping moms

When, when

Did we despise youth

That a school shooting, ignored

I’m tired of terror 

Being dismissed

But most of all

I’m just tired of all this!