In Your Sorrow

By “Ayana Kanosis”

I watch as your soul slowly dies
I see that you are suffering
And all I can do is cry
The pain is so intense it stings
What can I do to comfort you?
How can I take the pain?
There seems nothing I can do
And it is driving me insane
What can I do to wake you
From your nightmarish hell?
No matter what I can’t break through
I cry, I scream, I yell
what must I do to melt the ice
that covers your hardened heart?
will just my words suffice
or must body and soul be ripped apart
I saw you falling fast
Seems you forgot how to fly
All due to the dead hand of the past
Let me save you I cry
As I catch you in my wings
Grab onto me I plead
For you truly mean everything
All I want is to fulfill your every need
Yet life is so unpredictable
I thought I saw you at my door
The dice are on the table
I wonder if you long for something more
And that is when I find that there is a chance
To get through to your cold hardened heart
Life is nothing more than a dance
In which from you I don’t wish to part


Oct. 5, 2000

Written By Damien Knight

The pain the hurt
But worse the memory
Of one’s first
Of the one only
Or so you would think
An event so long ago
Water drips down times sink
And yet I can’t let go
The pain of the moment
The joy in the sorrow
Like being hit
Can’t wait for tomorrow
The song of love
The pain of hate
Let the gods judge
I sit and wait

If I Loved You

By Damien Knight

If I have to tell you I love you
Than what is the point?
If I have to say a word
Then I have failed
The proof of my love
Has not been my words
But the fact that I keep
Coming back to you
Love and let go
Take your losses
They told me
And I believed
But I knew you were hurting
And hurt like that hurts me
But I won’t say I love you
Done, finished, over
I cannot say the words
Because I cannot hurt you
More than you already are
And I cannot be what
I hoped to be
I am no white knight
I will not save you
Just be there
In the shadows
Sadly always waiting to be