pain is not gentle, soft or kind
it does not caress or tender
pain is rough, rude, and callous
it is sharp and cruel and mocking
gentle is the wind of voice
gentle is the soft hand stern to guide
love takes you to good places
pain leads you to no good places

Life Giving Flow

Water, the ever crashing sea to shore
The source in the mountains flow
A trickle, a stream down paths
Water erodes and water grows
It etches rocks, smoothes pebbles
Water, life giving, life taking
The soul of the planet, water
People’s tears in drought heart breaking
Water pours from stormy skies
And bring about the healing rains
But also deep deep floods of sorrow
How water, swirling, is our pains
Drink deep the well of love
The joy that life giving spring
And how we hold our memories
Wash us over in happy things
The river, time, in weaving lines
Flows ever forward to the seas
And in my life water constant
Relief, growth, pain, joy, it washes over me

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Let Go Together

Tight the heart beat in my chest
I cry out pain in my breath
Are you far, desperate this king
To cry seeking his beloved queen
Queen of hearts don’t take my head
Keep me near beside your bed
Serve you well this Knight of spades
A dark king who shys the light of day
The coughing caught in my throat
Like the lies others have spoke
Don’t dwell on those who hurt
Or the pain that wells inside you
I tell myself this daily, just breathe
And if I the king of misery can let go
Oh shadow queen let us together be free

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The Pain

Do you hurt inside
Wish to waste away and die
Are those tears I see you cry
Babe please don’t lie

You cry for all the pain
The years washed away in the rain
Love seems lost not this again
Yet here you are going insane

He consoles you with words
And you feel like you’re heard
But truth is it still hurts
That feeling that leaves you unsure

How can this be feeling this broken
The guilt rides in can’t be forgiven
All the while try to forget, let life in
But the memories they haunt, can’t win

How we try to run from the web we weave
As for me, It’s her love I grieve
And I can’t pour my soul to empty sea
So I ought take my leave

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I can’t bare this broken feeling
A lost and lonely island
Without a bird which to sing
A empty coast with no ocean clash
The waves tumultuous in baren sea
How the ache inside for her lies
That vain, void, visions leave me
Desperate to cling to her dress
Oh how I despise these tears
Cried for what purpose a river
When not once she knew the years
I dreamt of sweet lady blossom
The raidiant flower flowing in fire
Gaze upon her cherry pink lips
Hear that soft melodic song my desire
To keep her close it’s true
Yet if she exists and I her vast agony
What lonely island lost drifting
A boat upon empty broken seas
Is Koraki the raven of broken wing

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Confused Emotions (Nov 15 2012)

By Damien Knight

I feel deflated, all these feelings locked away
Sealed up inside, caged and isolated
I was ready, able to express what I had to say
I confronted my truths my emotions
I let it all out, and the days now pass
I feel deflated, perhaps I’ve made a mistake
I want to feel secure, forget the past
Should I give up I’m not that type
I’m not the kind who walks away
To break my word like love’s a lie
I said I’m going to be there for her
To just turn my back, takes a lot to break me
I have to try, the voices echo in my head
I should have listened when they say “leave”
It’s all I hear inside, it should be the past
Memories of bitterness and joy are strong
I must focus on her, my love, my light
It has been her, with me, all along
Everyday she’s with me, I value her
Her time means everything, her with me
I felt so ignored, everyday she’s there
When I call she answers, she has my loyalty
I love my lady with my heart and soul
Put my heart into making her smile
Her happiness it is my true goal
After all her smile is the thing I miss most

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