My True Design

By Damien Knight

Mistress of mist, of shadow, of fire, I said nothing to be held a crime
I spoke nothing to hint love, desire or romance. I spoke truth, alone.
Would you scorn my true design to see you live a life that’s kind
I say to hate my heart, I don’t like the pain, or the unknown
Why does it hurt when I can’t be sure, why not just forget it all
A bad dream, a tainted vision, because I long for one who is such
I close my eyes and the words, the declarations, I recall’
Am I so vile? No one would care, no they could not love me that much
I am unworthy of admiration, devotion, obsession or infatuation
I do not blame anyone but myself for my lonely existence
Yet I would love to rejoice in her love, her deep passions
To see the day when the walls crash and the obstacles aren’t persistent
If I cannot have the love I dream let me cheer your love on
Let me know when finally you achieve your hearts desire
I will feel I was of true use how could I go on
When I believe I have killed another’s burning fire?

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Damien Knight

Ever persistent
I try to resist this
I refuse to pursue
That which brings muse
Here we are over again
Be happy my friend
That which you seek
The things that you speak
They aren’t in my arms,
You do yourself harm
My name is Knight
But I can’t make it right
How is it you are here?
Forget it all dear

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My Muse (Nov 2013)

By Damien Knight

If you want me
Come get me baby
If you need me
Just show me
Cuz I don’t play
At the end of the day
I have this to say
You want to stay
I’ll grab what I desire
Take on the fire
Know I ain’t a liar
I be all you require
Yeah I’ll take this
Trace you my finger tips
Caress you with a kiss
Bring you to bliss
To the edge of poetry
Endear you to me
That you never leave
Binding you set you free
To the razor of my emotions
Vast like the oceans
It’s romance in motion
A dance of devotion
I will it I want you
I speak only true
So decide my muse
What will you do?

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Write For You

By Damien Knight

I can’t help how I feel
I have tried not to think
Words such my heart steal
And I do not sleep a wink

Plead I not address you
I wrote true my soul
Yet, mystery give me clue
Aniya, make me whole

I waited all my life
For her to find me
you, my hearts strife
Allow my soul to see

Forgive me if it hurts
I do not mean you pain
These kind thoughtful words
Not to drive you insane

I wrote simply my heart
And I’d write again
Even if it tore me apart
Just to hear you again