Her Story

her story is painted lillies
dancing in a stilted valley
along a shattered river
with lines along the surface
leaked through dripping
and the valley bleeds
Her story is pain
a silence you forced on her world
How plead you?

Cry Out-Dying

Feel trapped, mourning the dream,
Cut to pieces nothing left to see.
How do you bleed when vein dry?
A empty world filled with icy lies,
I can’t fight when others rather I die.
Every turn I’m wicked, narcissist,
Or I’m hated, othered, unwanted.
I file away the pain, slots of mind,
Empty, cold, no empathy to find.
Makes me worthless, no place for me.
Wake me from this misery,
This corpse tires as king of agony.
When will this damn curse lift,
Where is the supposes gift.
That life is suppose to be
Denied, rejected, forced to mask.
Hide dysphoria, depression, desire to die.
Hide my rage, my existence, wake alone.
I am done fighting on my own.
Please, crying out, desperate not to die.
Save me, I’m drowning in this sea!
Help so I can be who I see inside!

Panicked Lights

I worry, my heart races
I cannot breathe, choking
The world snaps around me
I’m alone, scared, pacing
The skin burns, eyes water
The world slams into me
The lights blaze down
My eyes can’t take the light
The day lasts too long
The night too short
The sounds too loud
My head just hurts
Let me free this rocking
Back and forth clawing
The rising inside me
Will this be how I live
Until the day I die?

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Mental Health (2012)

By Damien Knight

Confession I’m crazy legit insane
I hear things, see things, I’m not me
Feel like I’m more than one person
The flash backs, the swinging moods
My mind is a prison I can’t break free
Mental health is treated so blaise
Disregarded “just make yourself well.”
Why do I have to fight just to get therapy?

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