Chase The Land of Dreams

It’s cold and cruel the world of men.
in it we feel so lost
We sleep and dream of better things
We escape the harsh reality
To hear the sirens song
In dreams we learn
Solve the greatest riddles
In dreams we fly afar
To wake again at morning light
With our war torn hearts
The world is dying inside us
And outside has lost its magic
We see the news filled with despair
And weep, it’s oh so tragic
But worse still our depression
Our burning need to die away
Is inside our very brain
Eating like a parasite
Let go the pain and fall asleep
Dream of elf queens and dragon kings
Where fire dances and flowers sing
Rest and you may be anything
For you are made of magic
You can be a god yourself
An elf, a cat, a dragon
You can dream up anything
I believe in you my child
I’ll be there waiting
By the waterfall you shall see
My love for you is vast
Go I’ll be there soon no more tragedy
To the land of dreams

You are Made of Magic

Rest, rest your weary head.
The day is long and never ends.
Mornings filled with dread,
But if you sleep then dream,
Of places old and magic.
Go, dear one, to the place of dragons.
The waking world is cold and cruel,
people in it lie.
Sleep and dream of fantastic things
Where pterasaurs still fly.
There you’re free of worldly care
To play in fields of flowers.
Yes there you can wile away the hours
Sleep and dream of happy things,
forget for now the misery,
for there Lady Aldra sings,
That you are filled with magic!

Chapter Ten: A Visitor in the Night Final Draft


“The eyes are the quickest to deceive a man.

This is why I am glad to be blind.

There are no deceptions.”

Arajuan to Tarnink

Anika lay in her tent and stared at the ceiling. She was restless and found it difficult to get to sleep. She sat there with thoughts of home and Atron Reu. He always had made her laugh, and she missed him. The boy often got himself into trouble with the other elves. He had a habit of escaping the village, which caused her to drag him back. If he were to do that now, without her, Arajuan might find him. She despised having to deal with Arajuan’s cruel way of taunting her mind.

Anika felt uneasy about Atron, that he was unhappy without her. She hoped she was wrong as she already worried enough. Whatever the child did she wanted him to stay safe. The Aldarian Army hunted half-dragons now even more than dragons were. Thinking of dragons

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Chapter Two: A Fight and a Choice Final Draft

“Protect her with

your lives. Guard

this offspring

of the Moon.

She is my light and

I will be in her shadow.”

–Arajuan’s command.

The march was a three-month journey, a winter season. Early on the surroundings had been snow-covered. Now patches of flowers peaked from the ground. The capital was to the north-west of Lenagard, the land of the elves. A trail of destruction lay behind them. They had avoided the cities, but the forests were soaked in blood rain mixed with melted winter snow. The icy wet drips fell off the trees and clawed down Arajuan’s back. He shuddered from the cold. The unit was close now; a stench of dragons wafted on the wind. Arajuan was one of the few who could distinguish dragon blood, that made him invaluable to the emperor.

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Prologue- Final Draft


“Come listen to my tale, lest

we forget the horrors of the Dragon Wars.”

-Mika Tsuki

Napidő 28, Holdi időszaka

            In the annals of history many grand wars were fought and forgotten. Kingdoms would rise, and they would fall, but our world was not the birthplace of war. The Divines, the first race through which all races were born, were a peaceful science driven race. They set out to travel worlds and found Gaia. They lived amongst the mortals and Gaia became a magical place where the inhabitants honored the Divines and Dragons. In return, we blessed them and guided them. Both worlds lived in harmony with the pulse of the universe.

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No Mercy: An Aldaria Journal

By Damien Knight

I remember the day I died. We were told that we were fighting for our freedom. My kind slain and our fins removed, experimented on. We were an aquatic race, our fins were our life and we were told he was to blame.

The ocean bay was my home. My city was just under the waves. A commanding officer ordered us to attack. Defend our territory. A fatal mistake. Arajuan was the one I attacked. Before I could spear him his hands were upon my throat. He laughed, a dreadful cackle I will never forget.

I was dead. Those scarlet eyes would not give the merfolk mercy, I was certain. And before I could even contemplate my fate, I was consumed, turned to ash and sucked in to a dark swirling sea. I waited in the depths of his soul lost.

I am Asuana the mermaid lost in the darkness.

Hope for an Era: Prologue (Rough Draft)

By: Damien Knight Prologue “Come listen to my tale, lest we forget the horrors of the Dragon Wars.” -Mika Tsuki Once, long ago, Earth was a magical place where the inhabitants had honoured the “Gods” and Dragons. In return, we blessed them by living amongst them and guiding them. Together we lived in harmony with the pulse of the planet. As time passed, humans lost touch with Earth and her…

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Lady Aldra’s Love – An Aldaria Journal

By Damien Knight

I watched him die before me. Not a physical death but a spiritual one. My hand maiden, Mika Tsuki stole my beloved Kyrazosanz’s heart. But Iova tried to steal his soul. I was terrified. He’d killed thousands. It wasn’t that he meant, no the magic he swallowed to protect our world was bursting from him. His beautiful silver feathers ruffled with every blast.

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The Islana Conflict Memo: An Aldaria Journal

Napidő 8, Nyǻ Közep

Per the request of the war council I am writing this memo. As you are aware my father had recently passed and I, Koraki was handed his staff. The fallout from his rule ending meant it is time that all Lysandor met to redraw political lines. This record is the interaction between me and the King of Islana after the rescue of the half-divine child Kimeko. The subject discussed was his intolerance toward magical blood and his failure to attend the Imperial Alliance Meeting. This memo is to report on my conduct and on possibility of declaring war.

I had marched straight to Islana’s palace doors after discovering the king was holding magicals in death prisons. He also failed to attend the Imperial Dissolution Council, the first of the “Ally Meetings”. I had not required attendance to these but smaller countries that were once part of Aldaria were recommended to send a representative to be prepared for dissolution.

I dodged arrows as soon as I entered, the palace guards attacked me. I had to rip the arrows from my flesh and tossed them aside. They shot at my eyes, which was useless as I am blind, my eyes being dead and empty. Due to my rot, chunks of flesh clung to arrows, but I drank a potion to regenerate the lost bits, so do not worry on my health good sirs. My wrath burned hot at this uncalled for hostility. I was about to blast the guards when the king summoned them back. He greeted me thus and I quote:

“What gives us the honor of the great Lord Koraki’s presence?”

His attitude was disdainful and so my reply was equally so.

“I would watch your tone Mortal. You earned my presence by shutting away magicals and refusing the invitation to the Imperial Dissolution Council. Remedy this and I will let you live.” I threatened him, “You get me. See war with Islana would mean sending the Eternal to kill you that’s how long a war with your little country would last.”

He cared not for my threats and responded. I believe here was the response the council has most interest in, including my own reply.

“Zandikor is dead and Akron does not scare me. He is untrained, wild even. The meeting was optional. I am not required to follow your laws and customs. My people may have pleaded for your help but they owe allegiance to me.”

“In return, you are to provide for them a safe government where all sentient beings are treated equally and given respect due. Zandikor is not dead and nothing is stopping me from destroying this place like I did your little institution.”

I know I was angry as venom dripped liberally from my teeth. I am not a diplomat and I am sure records have shown what the diplomatic envoy I sent said on the matters and whether my behavior in this instance, one of my first foreign policy acts, were appropriate. I admit that I did make threats concluding with:

“You have a week if I don’t hear a response I will make you pay.”

He glared at me when I said this, I know because Socrates was with me. I was not in a forgiving mood and he gave off a terribly uncomfortable vibe. What I said must have had its intended effect because he replied with a promise to remedy the situation. Quoting:

“Understood. I will fix this. Please just leave us in peace and we will attend the next meeting.”

I clarified in my usual fashion:

“Do I have your word? Would you stake your soul upon it?”

“My word is my life, my spirit, and my soul. You have it.” He answered.

“We will see how well you honor that,” I replied.

And so summarizes this missive concerning my interaction between myself and the King Feros of Islana as per the request of the War Council. He has broken his word and I am now requesting a declaration of war to free the people of Islana.

– King Koraki Saros Kanosis