Thinking of Her

I think of the stars
Falling like rain
Faster than the tears
Down your face, lady of mist

I wonder if you think
Of all the lines I write
Do you know im worried?
Thinking of you?

I try to forget
Those long forgotten dreams
I see you no more
But I tremble

For the stars are falling
around my troubled moon
And I am ever calling
Return to me soon…

I know She’s not my lady
The one my heart’s so sure
But I worry so
Come find the shade’s door

Here I will wait
Evermore for lady Sora
Knowing it might be eternity
Before she ever returns to me



By Damien Knight

Is there a woman more fair than thee?
Eyes swirling green as a stormy sea.
Your skin sun kissed perfection,
Your lips soft made for passion.
Women have reason to envy your beauty.
Your tresses wild, dark and wavy
My heart longs for your embrace.
Eyes closed all I see is your face.
No there is no woman who compares
To my lady of shadows, fair.

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