Ever Raging Dreams

I close my eyes and I see her
Sat on a bench alone
Her son in stroller laughs
I watch from a distance
Seperate, yet there I see
I desire to reach to her
I wish to share with her my heart
Pour my soul to her like wine
Yet he approaches and I open my eyes
I never wanted to leave Sora
My desire isn’t for the dreams to fade
All those others just vapid shadows
I, in her life, just an empty shade
Watching having never met her
Wishing with no clue if she is real
I close my eyes once more to dream
Waiting stories to be seen
She’s with me laughing, a joke I told
Her hair swept up she’s ageless
While I seem ever so old
I leaned to examine the way her eyes light
My heart longs for her shine ever bright
My deep fear, finding my Sora
Only to push her far away
My heart a wall, a fortress
My dreams my prison, my empty cage
Sealing me with sorrow
Filling my souls eternal rage
If she is out there, patient waiting
The maiden who my heart doth dream
Forgive me Tsuki, my troubled moon
I am but the storm at sea
The swirling typhoons
In your dark monsoon season
The agonies of eternal love
Yet even if i’m the epitome
Of your ever increasing dark despair
If I am not your knight from heaven above
Know I’ve longed for you’re happiness
To stand aside you, in solidarity
To hear your pain, cheer your bliss
I wish to be there beloved lady of dreams

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Lingering Here

The desire to reach out and touch you
To hold you against my heart
It overwhelms me so that I dream
And see you once again
Your name is clear in view
I scant know how to react
Why can’t my heart ignore this
And listen to my head when I say
It isn’t her, leave her there where she is
Are you Sora? No Sora is the moon
Sora is the pull of my raging sea
The ebb and flow of the tides
The muse of every single dream
Yet, are you Anika Sora who I once
Called Lady Aniya oh I already know
It can’t be because she’s tied up
To another broken hopeless dream
And that bitter love doesn’t involve me
Yet I dream I’m looking at my phone
To see a message on my Facebook
From her, a light in my dark dreams
Sweet Hoa, the blossom, and I stared at her
Profile, a face I’d known yet never will see
Outside my dreams, I sigh, no it won’t be
I shan’ t chase a star when the universe calls
Besides I can’t ask a stranger to love me

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Thin Line

I walk a thin line posting this
my heart aches an anxiety but my soul
Would scold me if I hid my poetry
How I fear her breaking every time
We speak of these troubled rhymes
I’ve cried so oft in discussion
with aching heart and weighted soul
I dream yet I fear to confuse more
Alas here is my heart in bitter dreams outpour
I won’t suppress my feelings when this is my abode

Our Eternal Love

Always there a mist fading from memory
The eternal beauty, radiant she sings
Her face cherub glow with laughter
Why can’t I be this lovely maiden’s king?

Ever haunting the empty dreams love stolen
Will I wake one day with her beside me?
Waiting evermore the heart to be unbroken
I know I’ll see her, and be with her

Our love stands against time’s fabric
It withstands ages, lifetimes, it is
And our love always was and always will be
Lady of shadows, in this life it’s you I miss


An empty night with naught a vision
A morning with black screen to see
Why is it that she leaves me lonsome
Broken here without a single dream
I wait upon the darkened hour
Writing as I always have
And no hope here to find her
In visions which I’ve scoured
Lovely maiden of the light
Whose slender hands I’ve dreamt held mine
I will not give up seeking you
My hearts love is pure, To Aniya i’m true

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On Mind

About to lie alone once more
Close my eyes open the doors
Seek the lady shadows I adore
In dreams where raven sings of “never more”

Caress her hair, kiss her lips
Paint her face with gentle finger tips
I will remember this, her gentle kiss
To close my eyes seeking Sora’s bliss

Goodnight fair maiden, its morning now
In my dreams with you somehow
The stars shine brighter than light allows
Yet you my flower are a light they all bow

Yes I will sleep in your eternal glow
Hold you close I shan’t let go
I love you, you’re on my mind ever so
And when I dream I’ll let you know

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Did You Miss Breaking Me? (2012)

Did you miss me
Darling, your heart has yet
To be as broken, o no
Love your pride hasn’t been stolen
Did you miss me?
As you broke me down
As you drug my heart around?
Nothing like the love I had
This difficult emotion
Did you miss me princess
As you broke me down
No your heart hasn’t been torn
The way you slashed mine
Your pride is whole
While I cry myself to sleep
Yeah you never missed me
The cut it runs so deep
I’ll just forget you
I’ll try to lie my love away
Aniya isn’t real, no one ever stays.

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