The Tide

By Damien Knight

Our love is like the moon and sea.
The moon pushes and the sea pulls.
The stars sparkle in the skies
Your smile shines in my eyes.

I have the moon, the stars, and sea
All I long for back to me.
No one claimed passion to be easy.
Nothing of worth isn’t fought for

My sword stands ready, my heart sure
I will not fear my love for her.
We are constant as the tide.
Forever bound I’ll make her mine!

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By Damien Knight

All I ever dreamt of
Waking at your side.
Here I am love
Come be my bride.

Who has passion like I?
Who cares for me like you?
Aniya, my love is no lie
To you I am true.

Every love poem I write
I think of you.
These feelings I fight
leave me coloured blue.

This undead heart of mine
Heal it, give me life.
In your grace divine
Lady be my wife.

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Unknown Commenter Please Read

Dear Unknown,

Hello who are you? Who I am is clearly stated on my blog, in the very first post but who are you dear? I can’t help you if you keep commenting as “uknown.” I thought you were someone I knew but I really think you have me confused for someone else. Be brave, tell me your name please.


You can find me easily to tell me in private. Type my name, Damien Skye Knight into Google and I pop up, or even fb search. You can email me at Message me.


Damien Skye Knight

AKA “Raven”

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By Damien Knight

Every day I love you.
Every night I dream.
I spoke my heart true,
I will stay with you.
My love like the sea
vast, deep, flows from me.
Are you Luna shining bright
pulling me through the night?
When I wake stay with me,
I promise I’ll never leave.

Trust Me My Love

By Damien Knight

I tell myself to leave my heart at the door
this ain’t about love anymore.
I say I need these walls if I wanna stay.
That this is just a game we play

but that’s not who I am.
I’m just not that kind of man.
To act on lust and desire
without my love on fire.

I keep thinking of you,
of all the things we’d do,
the past,present, and what can be
if only you put your trust in me.

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By Damien Knight

I am not in love.
This is different
than being in love.
I’m not just dreaming,
no I am scheming.
The guilt of this,
Longing and thinking.
The desire: forgiveness.

When I was certain
I’d fallen, I was high
No drop of the curtain
Hits me now, stone sober.
I feel unchanged, free.
Free and fully guilty.
I can’t handle it still
But my heart must.

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Best Friends

By Damien Knight

I know you can see me.
Hope you see me in every face.
Think your being kind by giving space.
And sure I asked for it baby…
But in the end
I just want to talk to you.
Gonna be chill like your best friend
We were that once ain’t it true?
Don’t be mad darling
That you can’t do what my lover do.
After all we both know she ain’t you.
No one can take your place.
After all I promised I would stay
And I’m down for the ride until the end.
Cuz girl you always were my best friend.

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