Free Me (2012)

Princess of light lead from the dark
The world is overwhelming help me see
I close my eyes and drift to happy times forgot
Lady of the fire set me free

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One Day?

Hello, my love, I write to you
These uninspired lines of melancholy blue
To paint my soul for you to see
Black as night caged in misery
Why? you ask I do not know
But here we are, and I can’t let go
Of the hope that I’ll see your face
And you will one day find your place
At my side and in my arms
With me to protect you from harm
Until then this weary prince of pain
Will happy see you in his dreams again

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Valentine for Sora

I think of the roses in the market
Flowers red, delicate and fair
Not one worthy of your beauty
None would match your emery hair
I ponder all the chocolates sweets
Alas, none as sweet as the agony
Fair, Sora, I feel when I dream of you
The markets have no item for me
To mark my devotion, Aniya, to a dream
No perfume as perfect as your scent
No flower radiant as your bloom
Alas, is there no token I might present
Then let me come with a poem for you
I come before my queen. I am your king
My love is true, pure and unending
It will be hymns of love to you I sing

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A Shaded Truth, A Dreamed Love

By Damien Knight

Wrapped in the wings of love
Connected by visions lured by desire
Radiant beauty shaded truth a supposed illusion
In fact an opiate ever enticing fire

Hair fluid obsidian sharp to the eye
A smile masks my face inside I cry
Comfort in her divine glow a thought i refuse
Instead I sludge through my life in lonely lies

If i were honest her voice always guides
A subtle hymn driving me forward my passion
Soft fingers trace my cheeks, gentle a dream
Shan’t I love her here, least she’s the world I’m in

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