Shooting Star

By Damien Knight

Last night I saw something amazing
Amazing like you Lady of Dreams
It was a shooting star falling
Falling through the sky
Sky dark lit by a full moon
Moon bright like your eyes
Eyes that pierce the soul
Soul like this star I wished upon
Wished upon for you
For you to finally find me
Find me because I am lost without you

A Deep Grief

By Damien Knight 

I have a large family and so dont keep in touch with everyone like I’d like. Last week my dad surprised me with a text, my youngest Cousin had just lost his son. Devestating, my Cousin Jake was one of few people who accepted me right away when I came out.  He’s a cool kid and it deeply saddens me to know he and Heather lost their baby. Anyway they need help raising money for funeral expenses. If any one wants to help here is their page. For Cayson thanks.


By Damien Knight

Dark and cold lonely isolation
Left alone in desperation
Melting Into the night
Nothing Is all right

Wasted ever so gone away
Lost without the light of day
Fading into the wind
Becoming nothingness without end

All because of a lost love
My angel my only dove
Now I have nothing left
Only major regrets


By Damien Knight


I see you there waiting

and I wonder if you

know I always have

you on my mind.


I dreamt of you again

your green eyes

perfect gems searching

for the love we cant find


I reach for you

desperately to hold

but you walk away

with only two words

Good Bye.

Forever Gone

By Damien Knight

I gave you my everything
you walked away
I held your hand
pleaded for you to stay
tears in your eyes
I watched you slip
a mist without good byes
forever gone I didn’t cry
I held you without a sob
Swallowed as we dug down
laid the stone with your name
ashes in the ground


By Damien Knight

The Poem I am about to share I wrote in April of 2010 near the Anniversary of the death of my beloved friend Misty. May her killer be found and she rest in peace.

Dear Misty

Today 7 days late
And I remember you are gone
It was cruel, cruel fate
That without you I live on

Misty I am sorry, I apologize
I thought you were ready
I just did not realize
Your footing wasn’t steady

You promised to stay with me
But I told you to go
All I wanted. Why didn’t I see
I just didn’t know

I waited by your bed for you
Holding the teddy bear you once did
I knew you would stay true
I thought of you and your kid

We’d share our lives
You would come back I swore
The pain like a thousand knives
They said you were gone, my nevermore

They said you choose not to come
They out right lied
They played me for dumb
But then I learned you died

No you were stolen
Murdered, cut down cold
My Misty, my eyes are swollen
It was your hand I use to hold

I am to blame, If I said stay
You would be at my side
I wouldn’t cry today
you wouldn’t have had to die

On April 5 2005 my close friend Misty was found dead. She was 18 and spent her 19th birthday in the Morgue. She shared a room with me in a rehab facility. She went home a month before her body was found. I admit I blame myself I told her to go. She worried that she would not be ready…. I miss you Misty

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Love’s Cost

By Damien Knight

Every word said
Bet it makes ya mad
You’re not in my bed
Every scream had
Know for me
I lose no sleep
You might plea
But I do not weep
For what we were
I moved on baby
It is her I prefer
You lost me
And that’s ok
Cuz ya not alone
I use to pray
For sins to atone
But I to lost
You so long ago
Alas love’s cost
Is that we let go

Not Who I Am

By Damien Knight

Just want to wallow in hate
Just want to seethe in rage
So much heartache on the plate
That just won’t die with age
So many tears feeling betrayed
Over and over again won’t release
My heart has been so displayed
And my love aiming to please
That she can’t be mine at all
I feel so weak of mind
That I come beck and call
I seek and this is what I find
That no matter what I do
I can’t let go of how I feel
I can’t let go of you
Maybe if love isn’t real
I could move forward again
If I deny all that I am
I can be a better friend
I deny myself, I am not who I am

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