All Lost (Dec 2011)

I’m so jumpy
I can’t sit still
I dreamt last night
I swear I feel so Ill
All the things
Could have been
That are can’t be
All the wishes unseen
They can’t be real
And it breaks my soul
As long as you live
I’ll try to be whole

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My Moon, Tsuki

By Damien Knight

I, the raven of despair, shan’t lament
I will not cry, I finally told you go
If you felt so strong at my dream
Then perhaps it was for you meant

Will I never know the lady of shadows
If you were she and I broke you more
I do not deserve her ever to find me
You insisted, and I will never know

Beautiful long emery hair to break me
Those emerald eyes, seas of my agony
Ruby painted lips to break my soul
My stone heart sealed I shan’t be free

Do you despise me? I shall see soon
For if your hate for my mistaken love
Grew true, if you scorn my cold heart
Tsuki, I know you will be well my moon

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Heartbroken Dreams

By Damien Knight

I fade away into my sheets
My fragile heart clenched to chest
I dispair, Aniya, we’ll never meet
Tonight the raven must rest

I will lay against tear stained pillows
Her name a ghost upon my lips
Never got the dream of hello
Nor did I feel her finger tips

Mother says be patient my boy
And perhaps I should, but Aniya I ache!
And I despise feeling like a toy
It’s my fault I feel such heartbreak

This crow sleeps with prayer on his tongue
That she still wants him around
But I’m to blame I said I was done
But she’s the best love I’ve ever found!

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One Last Line

By Damien Knight

They say out there is our soul mates
Keep chasing the dream of true love
Out there a soul who knows my aches
Who knows more of me than any

I can’t go on, I’m shattered glass
My heart is walled up tight
All good things they don’t last
Here too I’ve loved and lost

It was as if I’d glimpsed happiness
Only for my heart to break
How does one keep love’s bliss
It’s impossible to make it stay

I read a joke, to make depression go
You love it, it leaves like others do
I’d laugh if it weren’t so
Lovers always leave it’s true

I am cautious, my heart caged in
The fault, I take full blame
Is it possible to be forgiven
I dare not break our trust

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Crystal Dreams

by Damien Knight

Who was the girl in my dreams?
She was new.
Blonde hair, eyes light blue.
Who was she that I did see?
She didn’t resist,
I went for the kiss.
What kind of dream is this?
Was it you, my Ellewyn?
A ghost in my pale blue house?
Sat on my bed, lipstick in hand,
Eyes on me pierced, a command.
Those crystal orbs like the sky.
Won’t shake my words,
“I love your company,
Stay with me.”
Arms around you we kiss,
That is the love I miss.
I sit crying at the memory.
You closed the door,
And were lost to me.
I will love you forever,
My tears like streams.
I can’t forget our shattered dreams

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By Damien Knight

Her heart was a bitter void.

Blackness seeped into the soul

Where could she go?

She had givens so much

Never enough.

She loved, sacrificed

He left anyway

If he had wanted

he still couldn’t stay

It had to be

Her joys slashed

as a car pulled

into their driveway

She shooed the kids back

Tells them to stay

Tears of glass

lost to grief

a letter at last

no relief

he’d never come home

and these little ones

she’d have to love

on her own





By Damien Knight

She was my heart
I was her fire
Oceans a part
Close in mind
Passions burn
Dancing torch
I still yearn
For her voice
Alas we seperated
Through the viel
My life dedicated
To her memory

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By Damien Knight

(Dedicated to a friend who is a friend no more.)

Sometimes we get caught
In our self-made illusions
And believe our nightly visions
To be real, our dreams cannot lie
We believe ourselves to be powerful
To have magic and knowledge
From places unknown
Yet when we awake we must leave It
The delusions, the fantasy behind
For when we wake we are human
Not guardians, dragons, or demons
Nor are we shadow knights or elves
Just human in every way
So hear me my friend, wake up
Wake up from the nightmare
From your shell-shocked state of loss
Realize your humanity, mortality
I no longer believe your story of power
I want my friend back the way he was before
I want my brother back, my best friend
His lies eaten him, his loss consumed him
No longer himself and the dark fantasy
Has consumed him forever it seems


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By Damien Knight

Is wide awake dreaming
Is a crowded room alone
Is darkness light
Is lost never found

The oxymoron
Is this dead life
That I keep
Insisting upon

Black blood drips
Upon her delicate
Pale living flesh
And I slip

Into a realistic fantasy
As the death mixes
With her life
A pleasurable sea

But eventually I awake
And the oxymorons
Are all dried up
With my empty tears

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