Worlds Away (Oct 2014)

By Damien Knight

Nothing more I want
Than her gentle hands
My fate is taut
I fail to understand
Why I cannot hold her
A world far from mine
I want to be there
But this is fates design

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Long Distance

By Damien Knight

Not every line is a story true,
Nor every verse a page for you.
My darling knows this heart of mine
She sees my pain and she’s divine.
I ache for her in true agony
I pleaded she reach for me.
In response she says “Yes sir.”
And instantly I’m there for her.
But true we have yet to meet,
So take a moment, have a seat.
She lives a rainy Washington city
While I live in lonely Kentucky.
I’ll love her ’til my dying day
For that is my way.

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