By Damien Knight

My poor soul tossed to sea
I loved and feel spent.
Perhaps I ought to surrender
No one wants me as a lover.

I miss her constant comfort.
I don’t know who I am today
My face melts in the mirror
Dysphoria making life unclear.

She wants my love doesn’t she?
I hoped for too much, empty dreams.
No I won’t give in, I live
Someone needs the love I give.

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One Last Line

By Damien Knight

They say out there is our soul mates
Keep chasing the dream of true love
Out there a soul who knows my aches
Who knows more of me than any

I can’t go on, I’m shattered glass
My heart is walled up tight
All good things they don’t last
Here too I’ve loved and lost

It was as if I’d glimpsed happiness
Only for my heart to break
How does one keep love’s bliss
It’s impossible to make it stay

I read a joke, to make depression go
You love it, it leaves like others do
I’d laugh if it weren’t so
Lovers always leave it’s true

I am cautious, my heart caged in
The fault, I take full blame
Is it possible to be forgiven
I dare not break our trust

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My Moon

By Damien Knight

How lonely is my existence
How tragic my utter misery
That I wake so early with hope
And she still is not there for me

I miss her voice like sweet tea
Her lips curved in perfect smile
Her eyes like the stormy sea
I want to hold her close forever

I have feared she’d leave me
I would be alone it’s true
But these months had been heaven
I wonder if she’s got a clue?

I love her, miss her and want her
She’s my tide, my stars, my moon
I eagerly wait to be together
I hope it’s someday soon!

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Her Silence

By Damien Knight

Do I lose hope, give up faith
Is it all lost to me
Every moment, every dream
I keep chasing a lost fantasy

Her silence during my hour
Like a knife against my chest
Added to the wounds to my back
Even now my heart gets no rest

I want to rest myself in her
Kiss her lips and gaze her face
My heart cautious, optimistic
I know it is not my love I misplace

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By Damien Knight

All day I have waited for you.
My fever burns, my chest tight
I just need comfort it’s true
And your words became my light.
You say you are not as clear as I.
Your love is plain to me.
I’m choked, feel as I could die
I complain when I feel sickly.
One day I won’t have to suffer alone
A hand strokes my hair with kindness.
Yes I’ll hold you for my own
And we will be together in bliss.

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By Damien Knight

Are you lonely as I?
Does the air fill with sighs?
Do you wish for me?
Stare at clouds dreamily
Wondering if I am too?
I gaze up and think of you
Bold in your declarations.
I wish I had her admiration.
If she spoke to me
Held her heart out lovingly
The way you hold to dreams.
I wouldn’t fall at the seams.
I will be forced to choose
Between Mars and you.
Mars she has another she holds
And won’t leave as I been told.
Yet I feel so bound to her,
I swore once forever.
I said I was made for you
I feel this is also true.
I feel so real in our passion
That with your love I start again.

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