Greeting the Moon

I am an empty shade
A spectre who cannot smile
When the day fades
Watching the lonely sun
Set unable to greet the moon
I too cannot greet her shine
So far from me, divine

His Queen

Caged inside lovely palace walls
The king sits next to empty throne
A man so dignified he has it all
But must he tend it all alone?

How it he dwells upon the maiden fair
The one who stole his heart away
If only she were sitting there
Alas all he’s ever loved they never stay

Yet patient he rests upon his arm
Watching those large dark doors
For he is certain she isn’t far
Soon he’ll have the lady he adores

A queen so noble worth the wait
Her eyes as green as the sea
In firm gaze sets him straight
A prayer this maiden he soon might see

Until then caged inside his loneliness
The skáld king whiles away the hours
Writing stories of love and happiness
For his queen the elegant flower

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Your Pleasure

By Damien Knight

I had hoped but my soul immortal,
Fades in reality mortal, hopes no more.
Dare I say you come here not for me?
Alas! I do not despair, for life moves free.
No, I do not worry. Life takes us and flows.
I am just a pleasure that comes and goes.
I write these words to send to you,
But I know I never will, it’s true.
I’ll post my love in public place
And hope you dream of my face.

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Damien Knight

I am trying not to miss her
Trying to forget. She was just a stranger.
Someone I confided so much in.
I was an accidental relationship.
She meant nothing, I am nothing.
Why should I miss her?
I have my princess.
Why do I feel like this?
Like I lost someone important?
So sorry this happened
Another unrequited infatuation.

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Are You There

By Damien Knight

Are you there my lady of shadow?
I keep falling in love with love.
Aniya, have I found you yet?
A goddess from the heavens above.
Princess, I ache with loneliness
I haven’t seen you in my dreams
Your lovely lips I long to kiss
Do you miss me, want to hold me
I always felt in control
After all my love I am your king
But without you in my dreams
What inspirations will the raven sing?
“Koraki, sir, I love you” hope to hear
I wish nothing more than that
No one loves Koraki, my dear

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