By Damien Knight

My dearest how I ache
Each waking moment
I fear my mistakes
That I can’t own this
feeling inside me
panic, yes you told me
to calm my anxiety
but it has raged like the sea


Shooting Star

By Damien Knight

Last night I saw something amazing
Amazing like you Lady of Dreams
It was a shooting star falling
Falling through the sky
Sky dark lit by a full moon
Moon bright like your eyes
Eyes that pierce the soul
Soul like this star I wished upon
Wished upon for you
For you to finally find me
Find me because I am lost without you


By Damien Knight


I see you there waiting

and I wonder if you

know I always have

you on my mind.


I dreamt of you again

your green eyes

perfect gems searching

for the love we cant find


I reach for you

desperately to hold

but you walk away

with only two words

Good Bye.


By Damien Knight Another moment of sorrow I wonder why Behind my eyes do these tears lie And when I try not to cry I find that within my soul dies I woke tears streaming down I am wet as if I were to drown And not even you turn my frown I can’t just turn around I fall asleep no name I am empty all the same And life remains lame Like a petty game I can’t remember the last time I felt This deck of…

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