The Cask of Amontillado: Summary

Cera Knapp,

I think this story would make a very scary movie. A horror movie. It’s about a guy killing their friend and then regretting it. I believe the setting is in Italy. It’s sad but evil. All of this is my opinion.


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Lost In Alaska

By Damien Knight

Help! The wild one screams

into the void of a snow covered waste.

There is no freedom to be wrought

With his soiled hands and so he falls

To the wretched mind blocking away

The infernal, eternal, light of day.


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Hope for an Era: Prologue (Rough Draft)

Hope for an Era: Prologue (Rough Draft) : Mika Tsuki pleads that the Dragon War is remembered.

By: Damien Knight


“Come listen to my tale, lest
we forget the horrors of the Dragon Wars.”
-Mika Tsuki

Once, long ago, Earth was a magical place where the inhabitants had honoured the “Gods” and Dragons. In return, we blessed them by living amongst them and guiding them. Together we lived in harmony with the pulse of the planet.

As time passed, humans lost touch with Earth and her energy.…

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The Shadow’s Torment

The Shadow’s Torment : Dark Poetry

By: Damien Knight

Slowly approaching the dark mistress
My own mind in distress
Passion outweighs infatuation
Screaming in utter frustration
Her anger I see has no bounds
Her stare louder then any sound
I have been her only dreams
Her life was with me it seems
A thousand lies on who I am
No one knows or understands
The burning fire of hell in me
I am blind can’t you see
A soldier dead canot be dying

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