Fighting the Fade

Her shadow is fading
With the days, her breath
Deep drawn it’s a struggle
Each and every day.

She cries out into the night
Is there a point to this hard life
Her blood grows cold, closes her eyes
Will she give up, say goodbye

Holding her tight with all my love
Stroking her head, I’m at her side
Each moment feeding her renewal
In the goddess’ hands I place her

Poet’s Note: Today our kitten Smores passed away. She was a fighter. I wrote this for her. Though her life was short it was filled with love.

Her dying moment, curled in my lap where she crawled to from her heated pad.


The Moment (2013)

Every day takes me closer to happiness
Life is more than it’s pursuit
But about joy and abundance
Life is about acceptance
The joy of the moment
Just be in it and own it
Be there with the ones you love

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