Jayson’s 6th Grade Lesson Plan

Jayson’s 6th Grade Lesson Plan

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Our First Ask Me Anything

Answers Written By Damien Knight

Shade of Writing AMA Link

Hello, I am Damien, the head blogger of our family blog The Shade of Writing. We are a home-school family of writers that love to travel. We write on various topics such as education, philosophy, poetry and history. We also have a Twitter, an Instagram and a YouTube.

I write poetry and share drafts of my novel when I am not in classes at the local university. My kids post their writing assignments from their books and papers on topics that interest them. My spouse travels for his job and most of our travel and food reviews are from him. We all are open to questions so ask away.

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Wednesday Wisedom: YOLO


By Damien Knight

To find peace in ash, I cannot sway in the wind, life is but one death.



Life is so complicated isn’t it? It can rush us by surprise like a mass eruption of things to do. These volcanos of expectations and ruined plans they come as if without warning. We ignore the tremors that warn us the eruption is pending and even as the ashes spew we oft turn away in denial. What do you fear? I wrote the poetic line above myself intent to turn it into a full poem, but it is a truth for me.

What do I fear? Why run from the ashes, the pyroclastic flows of doubt and expectations? No, we can face it by not allowing fear to sway us, remain fluid like the flowing molten rock, but steady like an unbowing mountain. It is now cliché but as the kids were fond of saying YOLO!

YOLO! Go climb that mountain! YOLO! Go read all those books! YOLO! Go take that crazy Pilates class! And YOLO stop eating tide pods ‘K or you won’t be living at all. We have but this one life and after it only one death. Leave no regrets!

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The History of Father’s Day

The History of Father’s Day: An essay on Father’s Day origins.

By: Damien Knight

The barbeque is lit and hotdogs are on the grill, kids are playing and Dad is wearing his grilling apron. It’s that time of year again, Father’s Day.  You watch your dad crack a cold one and laugh about the gaudy tie your mom bought for the occasion. Then it comes to mind, how did Father’s Day get it’s start?

While Mother’s day was established in 1908, it took another 6o years…

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New Year’s Resolutions

By Jayson Knapp

1. Learn to spell and write better.
2. Increase vocabulary.
3. Face my fear of heights.
4. beat Alduin in Skyrim.
5. Get over my fear of spiders.
6. Play Block Story.
7. Finish the Plague
8. Read all the books in home.
9. Learn a language
10. Learn to cook

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