Our Eternal Love

Always there a mist fading from memory
The eternal beauty, radiant she sings
Her face cherub glow with laughter
Why can’t I be this lovely maiden’s king?

Ever haunting the empty dreams love stolen
Will I wake one day with her beside me?
Waiting evermore the heart to be unbroken
I know I’ll see her, and be with her

Our love stands against time’s fabric
It withstands ages, lifetimes, it is
And our love always was and always will be
Lady of shadows, in this life it’s you I miss

Dear Aya

By Damien Knight

Dear Aya,
beloved Lady of my dreams
I would desire to sleep to hold you
To caress your soft skin
And pull your dark hair gently
Pushing your head into my chest
Whispering into your ear
But then I would only wake
And find myself alone once more
Wondering if you are out
In this world wanting the same
To wake up and find me next to you
Oh Sweet lady of dreams
Princess of Shadows
I am waiting to find you
Whoever you might be
I wait to feel your admiring eyes
Your tender hands against me
And when I find you
I promise to love you
The way I do when I see you
In my sweetest dreams

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