By Jayson Knapp

Author Photo

Orange in the night
As the fire spreads the forest falls
The fire we fight

The fire fighters yell and shout
The forest calls
With sirens screeching out

Men and women run
Helicopters pour water over it all
Until it’s all done

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Five Words That Describe Me

By Jayson Knapp

These are five words I think describe me and why I think that.

  1. Crazy. I choose crazy because I think of things completely crazy and do them anyway.
  2. Gamer. Well, because I play a lot of video games.
  3. Map lover. My room is filled with maps.
  4. Silly. I like to tell corny jokes and “eggsellent” puns.
  5. Creative. I like to build, Minecraft, legos and sandbox worlds.

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Nintendo: A History

By Jayson Knapp


Nintendo started Sept. 23 1889 as a card company. The game was called harafuda, an ancient Japanese game. When Nintendo was losing money they put Disney characters on their game cards. Then they did a left turn from cards and toys. In 1977 they made their first video games like, Duck Hunt, for the Atari 2600.

In between 1974 and 1976 Nintendo created their first games and consoles. First, in the us is the NES or the Famicon. The Famicon was already popular in Japan. The NES sold millions of copies as Famicon, but in America they changed from using all game cartridges to only NES ones. The system used was the 10 NES. The GameCube came out in Japan on Sept. 14 2001.It was released to the U.S. Nov. 18 2001. The D.S. came out 2004, people like it’s improved graphics The Wii came out at the end of 2006 with games like New Super Mario Bro’s Wii.

By 2017 Nintendo had new games and a console. The Nintendo switch is a new day combination of Wii and Wii U. The Nintendo Switch sold 600, 000 in 8 days. With Mario still a hit on the console the Switch is their all in one console.

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Persuasive Letter (BrainQuest Task)

Dear Jeff,

Please come with me to Momo-con. It is going to be great fun. We must cosplay, that’s the best. Cosplay is like dressing up for Halloween but cooler. Registry opens at 9 and the event starts at 10 am. It’s not a competition, everyone goes for fun.
The best part is that you can see your favourite anime characters and comic heroes. People do amazing cosplays of them. The panels are really cool, you get to ask voice actors questions and learn about the characters. You also can see some strange things like, a dinosaur playing DDR or an Army of Pikachus.
I really hope you will come with us next year.

Your friend,

(Note from Damien: This was one of Jay’s Home-school Assignments)

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Red Foxes- An Essay

By Cera Knapp


Author Photo

Red foxes are really cute. They live all around the world in many different habitats. In some places humans can adopt these amazing creatures. Foxes eat small creatures and can eat fruit.

A fox uses its tail for balance, but it also has other uses. They can use their tails as coats to keep warm in cold weather. They also use them to communicate with other foxes.

Foxes meet in the winter to mate. The female, called a vixen, gives birth to 2 to 12 pups a litter. At birth red fox pups are brown or grey. Both parents look after the young until they are old enough to go out in the world.


Cera drew a fox.

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By Jayson Knapp


Author Photo

Hail the blocky world of Minecraft with its annoying creepers and endermen. These beasts take apart all your stuff. Then you have shulkers who make you fly. These too are annoying. Slime and magma cubes behave the same. They both have three sizes. Their moves are jumping and splitting.

There are so many mobs in the game that I had trouble recalling them all. One new one I learned about is killer bunny. There are so many mods for the game that it is hard to find pictures of vanilla mobs.

What is now Minecraft Classic was released to the public May 17th , 2009 . I was about 2 years old at the time. Its initial creator was Jen and “Notch” then it was taken over by Mojang. It started as a computer game but now is on nearly every console. This game is my favourite game.


By: Cera Knapp

Hi, Cera here, I like to draw and this is a recent drawing. This is an anime style fan art of a Roblox MeepCity cat. I named it Cassy and it is a vampire cat, that’s why the teeth are sharp. I hope you all like it, my Daddy did and put it on his fridge. Hopefully, Otosan will buy paints and paint-board and I can paint a final version for myself.


😀 Bye