Many Kinds of Pie

By Damien Knight

Pies, there are many kinds
From cherry so sweet
To pumpkin so neat
Pies you will find
Are quite unique
And I like sweet potato
I’m sure you didn’t know
I’d eat it quick as a wink
Then there is chicken potpie
That I surely won’t eat
Because it contains meat


By Damien Knight

Wanna watch my brain fry
I just learned pi
22/7 or 3.14 oh joy!
Then there are variables, boy oh boy!
A^2+B^2=C^2 Pythagorean Theorem
I just don’t wanna hear ‘em
Properties of equality?
Don’t ask me.
The numbers are all a blur
Can’t say, I’m not sure.
What’s X+Y? I think it’s Z.
Some Z’s is what I need.
She’s got numbers and variables
On the board, it’s unbearable
I can’t take algebra anymore.
It makes my eyes sore.
No ma’am I wasn’t sleepin’
I was just thinkin’.
What? This is geometry?
Oh well, it drives me crazy.
Now multiply, 9 times 9 is 81.
Of course ma’am I am not dumb.
Well, she says I am not on task.
Hey kid, what question did she ask?

A Childs Dream

By Damien Knight

As a child drifts to sleep
One wonders what he dreams
How he slumbers silent, deep
He dreams of faraway things
It is there that the tale unfolds
In his own fantasy land
A story never before told
A place he may command
O the dreams of the young
So sweet are they it seems
Things that have yet to be sung
Are never what a grown up dreams

Parent’s Life

By Damien Knight

Rainbow tigers and pretty snakes
dancing butterflies, crystal lakes
deadly sharks and dinosaurs
little chocolate hands make my heart soar
roller coasters and crazy rides
crying babies and lullabies
these are things I see all the time
this is how to live the life thats mine

Golden Dog Dreams

Painting by Cera and Jayson Knapp


Damien: I wanted to teach the love of art to my kids at a young age. When my son was 5 and my daughter going on three I did my first art session with them using finger paints and paint board. I will let each child tell you what this first painting they did means to them.

Cera: It means a lot to me because it was my first painting. It is a yellow dog. I did it when I was 2 so I don’t remember painting it. It hang’s in my bedroom.

Jayson:  This was based off of a child leash that I liked. I had one when I was that age and my parents were getting rid of it. I treated it like a stuffed animal.

Damien: And apparently my kids aren’t very wordy on this. I feel the painting has a very dreamscape look and for their first piece of real art it was impressive. I will always treasure this piece.



By: Cera Knapp

Hi, Cera here, I like to draw and this is a recent drawing. This is an anime style fan art of a Roblox MeepCity cat. I named it Cassy and it is a vampire cat, that’s why the teeth are sharp. I hope you all like it, my Daddy did and put it on his fridge. Hopefully, Otosan will buy paints and paint-board and I can paint a final version for myself.


😀 Bye



By: Damien Knight

Why do we spend
What we do not have?
And in the end
We go under.
Why  do we buy
What we don’t need?
We never try to save a thing.
We act like
Money grows on trees.
We buy toy mikes
And other useless commodities
Even when we
Do not have the money.
I just do not see
Why we do this
When it leaves us…