By Damien Knight

How I yearned for her
The fires burned
Her soul yet she longed
To see me once more
I a worthless man
Immortal bound
Held her in my dreams
As the one I adore
Long we slept
Lady Kikyo and I
She reborn twice
What do we wait for?
Her soul torn in two
Where do I go
How do I choose
Her life now lore
Reborn you were
To meet me
Here we are Kagome
Standing tomorrow’s shore

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Anime Thoughts: Inuyasha Character

-Damien Knight

When we talk about Sesshomaru’s underling Jaken, his name¬†means cruel.¬† Jaken is lord Sesshomaru’s vassal and is very reliable and in that sense his name is being simply meaning evil or cruel does not make sense.

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