The Brave “disability” Mom

Lookie here! it’s a mom
who wants a cookie.
So brave she is,
Her struggles oh so hard!
Wow just admire her sacrifice
but alas her b.s. it’s all a lie.
This mom just needs to retire!
Instead she schemes
And scams away.
While setting her child
on a metaphorical fire!

note: I wrote this in reply to a mom who was using her daughter to raise money on gofundme to fund ABA therapy.


Damien Knight

Ever persistent
I try to resist this
I refuse to pursue
That which brings muse
Here we are over again
Be happy my friend
That which you seek
The things that you speak
They aren’t in my arms,
You do yourself harm
My name is Knight
But I can’t make it right
How is it you are here?
Forget it all dear

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