Motivation Monday: Why Saying F-This Sh*T is Motivation


On Sept 2 @itskermit tweeted a statement that spoke to my soul.



I saw it today shared on Facebook and thought, seriously saying, F- it and doing something is much easier than psyching myself out with can do statements. The beauty of saying Fuck It is that you stop worrying. You let it all go. That girl you got a crush on? F-it ask her out. That diet plan you keep waffling over- F-it now is the time no more debate. Got to clean the attic, want to go over seas? Make it reality by saying Fuck this I am going. When the chips are down and you just can’t figure what you got to lose Saying F-it is a win. So friends for todays Motivation Monday embrace that Fuck This Shit attitude and get the job done!


Motivation Monday: Moving Mountains



When I was 18 I was institutionalized. My ever ceasing mantra was that I was climbing life’s mountain. I would survive living in the psych-ward and get out. If I kept my eyes on those current surroundings despair would have filled me. It nearly did on occasions.

Today I am still climbing the mountain, each of us climbs our own obstacles. The trick is keeping your eye on the top. No matter what life throws, keep climbing, the top is just in reach.


Motivation Mondays

By Damien Knight


All that we are is the result of what we have thought. -Buddha

I grew up with a rough life but I kept pushing. You can imprison and torture the body but as long as you have your mind you are free. With that I introduce Motivation Mondays. Thoughts are power. What you think you speak and what you speak you act. May your thoughts be good and may you all be blessed.


Dear Damien

written in 2003

Dear Damien,

I want you to know I believe in you. I believe that you can do whatever you set your mind to. I know that right now the future looks bleak, uncertain, even so you will make it. I know you will, because you are a survivor.

You must always remember to have hope. Don’t ever lose faith or give up hope. You will beat the odds my child. I know you like the back of my hand. You are intelligent, athletic and very strong willed. Yet you are still a hurting babe.

Life must seem like Mount Everest, impossible. This is not so! It is possible for you, that is why this life was given to you and you alone. No other can live your life like you can. No one else can dream your dreams and fulfill them. Only you can my dear child.

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Climbing The Mountain

By Damien Knight

I spent years fighting the inner demons. Everyone fights their shadows, eventually I embraced mine. In the end, I had no choice. I could hate who I had become or forgive myself. I forgave. What was I guilty of? Being myself, certainly not.

Forgive yourself, it is an important step to take, forgive yourself and you take off the weight you carry. The burden that prevents you from climbing Everest is lifted. My demons were my self-image, I would scrape at my face in tears. My burden was my dysphoria and like an elephant on my back I tried to climb with this on me. I tried to lie to myself about my happiness. I was a poor liar, and such burdens make success impossible.

We can do anything we set our minds too. I know I can be a better man a stronger man. I know I won’t have to struggle with the suffering of my youth and I do not look back into the shadow of my past. Forgive yourself, that is the first step. Be true to your being is the second, and the third is make your dreams possible. Believe and act. And that is what I am doing. I believe I can do this. I can raise money for surgery, I will have the family farm, and we will keep traveling.

Keep believing, forgive, and be true. Without that first step you cannot climb the mountain.

You can help me take steps in my transition Journey here: The Shadow’s Journey


By Damien Knight
How to write

When you feel down

Pick up the pen

Let go your frown

Its all gonna be alright

Don’t you worry

We all struggle 

In this world of hurry

Mountains to climb

Hurdles to duck

But we gonna make the top

Because we got luck

So pick up that pen

Don’t be shy

Find a story to be in

And write it my friend